Four Non-Surgical Body Lift Treatments with NovaThreads


Four Non-Surgical Body Lift Treatments with NovaThreads

If you watch daytime television, it is likely you’ve heard about NovaThreads . Featured on The Doctors, this miraculously simple invention is changing the way we think about cosmetic treatments. NovaThreads offer painless, in office options for lifting and firming skin. They work by utilizing the healing response of the body. Once inserted, your body will begin creating new collagen to repair the microdamage caused by the threads. Within 4 to 6 months, the threads will be completely absorbed, leaving a naturally refreshed and youthful look behind. For some before and after pictures of NovaThread Treatments, Click Here . As always, individual results will vary.

Not only can NovaThreads be used for facial lifts, but they can be used throughout the body as well. While some are rushing into invasive surgeries, others are turning to NovaThreads for similar results for a better price and a virtually painless experience.

Four Non-Surgical Body Lift Options for NovaThreads:

  1. Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Many factors can contribute to sagging breasts. Aging, multiple pregnancies, and environmental factors to name just a few. While many women wish to lift and firm their breasts, they are also hesitant to go under the knife for an invasive and expensive procedure. For those with small breasts and mild breast ptosis (drooping or falling) NovaThreads, can offer a subtle lift without the downtime, and can be done in a simple office visit. The results are twofold, about 20% instantaneous improvement from Nulyft, followed by gradual skin firming and lifting from the Nu-mesh over weeks following a single treatment.

  1. Butt Lift

You read right, NovaThreads can even be used to lift your backside. Using carefully placed injections, the skin can be lifted and appear firmer. The effects are somewhat like a Brazilian Butt Lift, but subtler and without any downtime to speak of. Most suitable for mild sagging of smaller buttocks. The downtime and costs of major surgeries associated with body lifts are just one more reason to consider NovaThreads.

  1. Arm Lift

Age and weight loss can cause drooping of the skin at the back of the arm. Traditional surgery to treat this “excess skin” leaves large scars, can be painful, and requires a lot of healing time. NovaThreads can be placed strategically in these troublesome parts, and provide a subtle natural lift instantly followed by gradual improvement of skin tightness and firmness over the weeks following the treatment.

  1. Knee Lift

Weight loss and aging makes changes in places you would not think about immediately. The skin above the knee is prone to falling with dramatic loss and with normal environmental factors. NovaThreads can also be used in this area to tighten skin and help get rid of the drooping above the joint. Using a carefully selected pattern of injections, the threads can allow your skin to heal in a lifted manner, improving the aesthetics of your legs.

If you have more questions about NovaThread or are interested in receiving this treatment, feel free to contact our office at 888-210-9693 or email .

Dr. Naila Malik is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine since 2004. With over 20 years of experience as a physician and over 200 hours of training with the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Malik and her team of skilled professionals can help you decide if NovaThread Treatments are for you.