The Light Laser Peel in Dallas and Southlake The “Weekend” Peel
Naila Malik MD skin care in Dallas offers the light laser peel or the “Weekend Peel” to quickly Reverse the Signs of Aging with little downtime
Safe & Effective, Minimal Downtime, Consistent Results

Minimal discomfort, very low incidence of side effects that may be associated with the regular strength CO2 fractional laser such as swelling, peeling, pigment changes, infection, milia etc. Light laser peel is associated with mild redness for 2-3 days. Most individuals can put on our tinted SPF BB creme the very next day and be back to work.

Best Treatment For:

Sun Damage manifested as poor texture, leathery skin, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, dull lusterless complexion Fine Wrinkles Mild to moderate Droopy eyelids Poor skin texture and tone of neck skin Thinning skin on the back of hands For those of you who do not have the time to hide for one week
Most Common Treatment Areas Requested at our Southlake and Dallas skincare centers are:
Face Neck Chest Hands
The light laser peel at Naila Malik MD skincare Centers in Southlake and Dallas is a minimally invasive, highly precise laser resurfacing peel which is associated with only 2-3 days of downtime. This laser treatment consists of a partial epidermal laser peel targeted to remove the most superficial layers of the skin. Dr. Malik uses low energy CO2 fractional laser and customizes the “density” and the “depth” of the peel to address your antiaging skin needs for reduction of sun spots and fine line improvement OR improvement of skin tightening and deeper wrinkles.

Look as young as you feel without invasive skin treatments or surgery with little or no downtime! A light laser peel removes damage done by the sun and the aging process. Now you can once again have younger looking, healthier feeling skin.
CO2 fractional laser resurfacing has been named one the most significant advancements in non-invasive antiaging treatments. We have found that one of the biggest obstacles to getting the CO2 laser treatment done has been the 5-7 days of downtime associated with this procedure.

The light laser peel or the “weekend” Peel treats the signs of skin aging and of sun damage from an active lifestyle without the one week downtime. You can see definitive improvements in as little a 7-10 days. Dr. Malik discusses post treatment skincare and recommendations for adjunctive skin treatments to best augment and maintain the results of your treatment at the time of your visit.

We recommend 3-5 light laser peels, 3-4 weeks apart for most patients for best results.

If you’re considering a light laser treatment in Dallas or Southlake and are interested in learning how the weekend peel can help to quickly reverse the signs of aging or surface scars, please schedule a complimentary consultation at the Naila Malik MD skincare centers in Dallas or Southlake by calling us at 888-210-9693