Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Made Easier with NANOLEAN


Nanolean™ Fat Burning Supplement Reduces Body Fat*, Boosts Metabolism*
Controls Stress*

Think Lean, Think In-Between. nanolean is a weight loss tea that was created as a tool to use in your healthy weight loss plan. Whether you are looking to lose a little, a lot, or just maintain the shape you are in, nanolean is the secret weapon to help keep you on track. Some call it the best friend in-between your meals. Others call this metabolism booster , or the 4:00 wall life-saver. This little stick pack of weight loss powder is designed to provide you with pure vibrant energy, craving control, lower stress levels, a calm appetite, and enhanced fat burning. One serving contains 38 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and zero sugar. Of course any healthy weight loss and weight maintenance program starts with healthy lifestyle. If you need help figuring out what lifestyle works for you to lose weight in Dallas and Southlake, please call our offices at 888-210-9693 for an appointment.

We can also customize your lifestyle with your DNA and food sensitivity testing and eliminate guess work altogether. Check out the xR MD nutritional genius program for DNA and Food sensitivity testing in Dallas and Southlake offices.


Nanolean takes a multi-faceted approach by using 5 key ingredients to give you optimal success for your goals. nanolean uses:

  • Sensoril to fight stress and reduce cortisol*
  • Svetol with green coffee bean extract to fight body fat:
  • Green tea extract to increase metabolism:
  • Dietary fiber to curb appetite:
  • Vitamins and minerals:Vitamin C, a vitamin B complex and Chromium


  • Reduces body fat*
  • Boosts metabolism*
  • Supports satiety*
  • Supports energy*
  • Controls stress*

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Call 888-210-9693 for a weight loss appointment or to purchase.