Is Injectable RF Effective For Non-Surgical Facial Tightening?


Photo of our patient, before and after completing three treatments with microneedle Fractional RF in Southlake, individual results vary

Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency Non-surgical Skin Tightening-in Dallas and Southlake
Non-surgical skin tightening treatment in Dallas and Southlake
PRP + Microneedle Fractional RF For Skin Tightening, Deep Wrinkles and Deep Scars In Dallas and Southlake
Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency MFR- Non-surgical Skin Tightening for Face and Body in Dallas and Southlake

With the increase in the trend of nonsurgical cosmetic skin treatments, skin tightening remains one of the top ten requested treatments in our Dallas and Southlake offices. Most individuals requesting skin tightening are women and men in their 40’s and above and the most common areas requested for non-surgical skin tightening treatments are eyes, lower face and neck.
There are many treatments touted for non-surgical skin tightening (Thermage, Titan, Ultherapy, Fractora, Infini) each with its own merits.

Of all the different treatments that are available for non-surgical skin tightening, we have tried quite a few at both Dallas and Southlake locations and I personally am most impressed with the microneedle fractional RF treatment due to patient safety and results for most skin types. This treatment, as the name implies delivers fractional RF into deep dermis via microneedles for maximum effect in this are of dermis.

Radio frequency- RF energy has been used in medicine in various applications for many decades. Non-ablative RF was FDA approved for treatment of wrinkles and skin tightening in 2002. Radio frequency energy causes a controlled “burn” which triggers the skin’s healing response to generate new collagen, eventually minimizing wrinkles, scars and tightening the skin in two distinct ways:

  • Immediate collagen contraction visible at the time of the treatment.
  • New collagen production and remodeling with further skin thickening and tightening which continues for months after treatment.

The results of radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage, although great in theory did not translate into meaningful patient satisfaction due to the fact that the treatment was too painful to administer and patients did not see significant improvement.

The reason for pain and poor results with the non-ablative RF ( for example Thermage) is inadequate delivery of RF into deeper dermis where it needs to exert its effect for skin tightening and collagen synthesis. Non ablative RF treatments tends to cause epidermal injury with over heating of the skin surface without increasing the depth of RF penetration and failure to heat deeper dermis for a significant improvement.

The advent of microneedle treatment tip for delivery of fractional RF into deeper dermis took away the intact skin barrier which was obstructing the Rf from getting into deep dermis. Additionally the use of gold tip, insulated microneedles ensures minimum skin injury and burn for safe delivery at the tip of the microneedle which is the intended target for RF action. The depth of the microneedle tip is set by the operator and varies with the treatment area and the desired outcome. The equipment is computerized for precise control of the microneedle depth for consistent and reproducible results.

We introduced the microneedle fractional radio-frequency treatments for non-surgical skin tightening in Dallas and Southlake in January 2014 and since then have treated dozens of patients. The results have varied from phenomenal improvement to minimal improvement, with majority of patients displaying results in between the two extremes. Like any non-surgical treatment, it is expected to have a wide range of results. I prefer to have treatments in my offices with noticeable results in 80% or more of the patients treated and I can say that the microneedle fractional RF has provided noticeable results in about 80% of all the patients treated.

In January 2015, we added cosmetic PRP Platelet Rich Plasma to our Dallas and Southlake skin treatments for its regenerative properties which changed the results of many of our treatments including the microneedle fractional RF. Most individuals seeking skin tightening need a multi-modality approach to their skin needs. PRP adds the regenerative component for even better collagen production, faster healing, less downtime, and I inject PRP subdermally during  all of my microneedle fractional RF treatments (which are provided by my assistant). The subdermal PRP injections in the under-eye area, nasolabial folds, chin and any other area that needs extra help has really improved the outcome of our microneedle fractional RF treatments. In our Dallas and Southlake offices we do microneedle fractional RF treatments with PRP for :

  • Nonsurgical tightening of face.
  • Nonsurgical tightening of under chin area and neck.
  • Non-surgical tightening and lift of skin around the eyes.
  • Nonsurgical reduction of deep acne and other scars.
  • Minimally invasive treatment of deep wrinkles.


Photo of our patient, before and after three Microneedle Fractional RF treatments, individual results may vary


Photo of our patient before and after three Microneedle Fractional RF treatments, individual results vary


Photo of an individual treated with Microneedle Fractional RF, individual results may vary (provided by manufacturer)


Photo of an individual treated with Microneedle Fractional RF for acne scars, individual results vary (provided by manufacturer)

All the above treatments were done without the PRP, we are seeing better results from the MFR treatments with the addition of PRP. We will post photos of MFR with PRP soon.

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