Up to 78% Off Laser Hair Removal in Dallas and Southlake


LASER HAIR REMOVAL in Dallas and Southlake- Up to 78% OFF

Laser hair reduction is a process of permanent hair reduction with the use of lasers and intense pulsed light devices specific for destroying hair follicles. By targeting the dark pigment in hair follicles, lasers and light based devices such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are able to instantly and permanently destroy the follicles. Because other follicles can grow hair later, this process is called “hair reduction” rather than hair removal. When performed properly, it can provide smooth, attractive results on the face, neck, chest, breast, back, arms, underarms, legs and bikini area. Each treatment with the hair reduction laser or light based device destroys between 10-20% of hair follicles, mostly targeting hair follicles in active hair growth cycle which varies from person to person and within the same individual due to several factors; genetics, hormone levels, recent major illness, stress, recent child birth etc. Minimum of six sessions are recommended to achieve adequate hair reduction followed by periodic maintenance. Dark skin individuals may need a higher number of sessions due to lower energy treatments to protect the pigment in the skin surface.

Our laser hair removal treatment is sold as a package of six sessions for improved results. Some individuals may need more than six sessions due to genetics, hormonal or other factors which make hair less susceptible to hair reduction with lasers and IPL.

This Month, get up to 78% Off when you purchase six sessions of Laser Hair Removal treatments in Dallas or Southlake cosmetic skincare clinics:

Six Sessions Are Prices As:

SMALL AREA : $99 MEDIUM AREA: $189 LARGE AREA: $329 EXTRA LARGE AREA: $429 See laser hair removal area description. Excludes bikini area.

Choose From:
SHR AFT system for laser hair removal with integrated cooling ; ULTRA FAST, PAINLESS hair removal for men and women suitable for most skin types (Fitzpatrick I through V, test spot recommended for Fitzpatrick V)

Our Dallas office has two systems for laser hair removal treatments:

SHR AFT System for laser hair removal with integrated cooling; ULTRA FAST, PAINLESS hair removal for men and women.
Diode Laser for hair removal in Dallas
All laser hair removal systems at our Dallas and Southlake offices are safe and effective for most skin types. (Fitzpatrick I through V, test spot recommended for Fitzpatrick V).

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