Laser Hair Removal Deals in Dallas and Southlake


Lasers control hair growth without the need for primitive tactics such as shaving, waxing and harsh chemicals; Be hair free this summer by taking advantage of our laser hair removal deals in Dallas and Southlake.
Choose from Four Options
$99 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a small area (a $450 value)
$189 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a medium area (a $570 value)
$299 for six laser hair-removal treatments on a large area (an $840 value)
$399 for six laser hair-removal treatments on an x-large area (a $1,170 value)

Each session lasts 15-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Click here for a list of available treatment areas. Laser hair-removal can also be used to manage excess hair growth due to hormonal changes or hormone replacement therapy, which require a long-term hair-reduction program.

Three Types of Laser Hair Removal Systems in Dallas and Southlake For Your Comfort and Results
We have three different types of laser and light based hair removal systems at our two locations. The two light based systems are new to our practice in February 2014. These innovative systems are designed for optimum safety, speed, comfort and results in most skin types and all areas. The Diode 810 is the older system with a smaller treatment tip for use on smaller areas such as earlobes, toes, knuckles, between the eyebrows etc. All systems are suitable for use on most skin types and colors. We can treat Fitzpatrick skin types I through V with our laser systems, we recommend test spot for Fitzpatrick skin V . We do not treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI.

Southlake office has the SHR hair removal system considered ” virtually painless and safest hair removal option”.

Dallas office has two hair removal systems, The Diode 810 nm (Mediostar Diode laser) and the SHR-In Motion light based hair removal, known for high speed, painless treatments. The level of pain and discomfort from the new SHR system is far less than the older systems. Most of our patients experience little to no discomfort during their laser hair reduction treatment with the SHR system.

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