Look Your Younger Self- Naturally- PRP Face Rejuvenation

NailaMalikMD_Dallas PRP Facelift

NailaMalikMD_Dallas PRP Facelift

Cosmetic PRP face Rejuvenation in Dallas and Southlake

The PRP Facelift in Dallas and Southlake

The PRP Facelift is a new treatment for the aging face with use of much smaller amount of a hyaluronic acid filler combined with your own plasma to address the three most common signs of aging:

1. Facial Skin Color: Grayish skin color due to decreased blood flow.

2. Facial Shape: Collapsed and droopy face shape with loss of muscle and collagen below the skin.

3. Facial Skin Texture: Rough and uneven skin texture making you look tired and worn out. The youthful glowing skin with healthy blush is faded to a dull lusterless, grayish complexion.

What does the PRP Facelift in Dallas and Southlake Involve?

The PRP facelift is a new approach to the aging face which address the three most common signs of facial aging. At our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skincare practice, we have a two step treatment to address the signs of aging on skin surface and below the skin surface:

  1. Step 1 PRP Facelift-Volume and Facial Contour Correction: Step 1 of the PRP facial rejuvenation involves the use of a small amount of a hyaluronic acid cosmetic dermal filler with your own plasma, specifically the Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP to enhance the shape of the face and restore volume. The PRP facelift is a simple in-office nonsurgical procedure which which takes less than an hour and is associated with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime.
  2. Step 2 PRP Facelift-Skin Surface Improvement for Texture, Fine Lines and Pigment Irregularity: A Micropen treatment, 2-4 weeks following your injectable PRP and dermal filler treatment to lightly resurface the skin for improvement in texture, tone, fine lines and pigment irregularity.

Why Get PRP Facelift Over Dermal Fillers Alone- (the Liquid Facelift)?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero have been successfully used to restore facial volume and soften deep wrinkles for many years and they work great for such purpose. Dermal fillers are still a great choice for many of us who only need a little volume added to a few small strategic areas. Dermal fillers however pose a few limitations:

  • The dermal fillers impart volume directly in proportion to the amount of the filler used which can lead to an “inflated” or “swollen” face after correcting all the deep wrinkles, folds and facial contours.
  • The dermal fillers are synthetic and can cause your body to have irritation or allergic response.
  • There is some safety concern with use of dermal fillers for the area around the eyes.
  • The cosmetic results of dermal fillers for areas with thinner skin are not very consistent.
  • Dermal fillers do not give you any significant improvement in dermal thickness, tightness and firmness, they are mostly for subdermal (below the skin) volume restoration
  • Dermal fillers do not improve skin texture, fine lines or pigment irregularities.

PRP Facelift uses a concentrated serum processed from your own blood rich in Platelets, growth factors and stem cells in conjunction with much smaller amount of HA dermal filler does much more than restore subdermal volume and has the following advantages:

  • PRP when added to HA fillers increases the effectiveness and longevity of those fillers.
  • PRP plus HA fillers increase your body’s collagen syntheses by several folds as demonstrated in many clinical studies for healing of chronic wounds.
  • PRP is natural to you and does not pose a risk of allergy and safe for use around the delicate eye area
  • PRP stimulates your own collagen synthesis in subdermis, dermis and epi dermis which leads to a gradual but more natural improvement in volume(subdermis), skin firmness and thickness (dermis) and texture, appearance of pores, pigment irregularity and fine lines (epidermis)

How much does the PRP Facelift Cost?

The cost of the PRP Facelift Treatment in Dallas and Southlake is $1500 and includes:

  • One 1cc HA filler- Dr. Malik uses Belotero Balance due to its unique properties which makes it suitable for injection in areas of thinner skin such as under eye area and above the upper lip
  • One PRP kit- We use an FDA approved PRP kit for all PRP cosmetic treatments.
  • One MICROPEN skin resurfacing treatment, 2-4 weeks after your initial subdermal injection treatment.

If you are ready for a younger more natural you, call 888-210-9693 for an appointment for your PRP Facelift in Dallas and Southlake