Medical Microdermabrasion – Dallas Antiaging and AcneTreatments


Medical Microdermabrasion- Dallas Acne and Antiaging Skin Treatments

Aging skin has reduced cell turn over which results in accumulation of dead cells and debris on skin surface resulting in dull, lusterless complexion, clogged pores, breakouts and so forth.

Excess oil production due to hormonal changes in teens and adults also lead to accumulation of pore clogging sebum and debris resulting in acne breakouts and dull skin surface.

Medical microdermabrasion is a safe treatment to improve skin texture.

At Naila Malik MD, we use Advanced Medical Microdermabrasion under Physician supervision safely and effectively to compliment most treatment programs without downtime. A series of treatments followed by regular maintenance visits is recommended for optimum results.

Advanced medical microdermabrasion under physician supervision can gently resurface the skin by removing the dead cells and debris for glowing, luminous complexion

What it will do for you

Medical microdermabrasion performed by our well trained certified aestheticians can • Improve skin tone and texture • Clean and tighten large pores • Smooth Acne and other superficial scars • Reduce appearance of fine lines Increase skin circulation for healthier, glowing skin
Painless Treatment and No Downtime

The procedure is quick, painless and there is no downtime. Full face treatment takes less than 10 minutes and you can apply your makeup right after the treatment. Occasionally, there may be mild redness and “stripy” appearance of the treated skin lasting 2-3 days. History of sensitive skin, use of retin-A , alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid products increases the likelihood of red stripes.
For best results a series of 6 treatments, 1-2 weeks apart is recommended, followed by maintenance every 4-6 weeks
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