Medical Weight Loss- 6 Weeks for $499

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Everyone is aware that excessive fat and body weight are serious health concerns… and that losing weight and keeping it off are difficult. Weight loss and long-term healthy weight involve complex physiological equations that are different for each person. That’s why diets don’t work… and why millions of Americans struggle with excessive weight and a whole host of related health problems. But a healthy weight and a happier, more fulfilling life are achievable.
While calories are important to any weight loss program, NailaFitMD is different from other plans in that it considers and addresses all aspects of your unique weight problem. Diet, stress, hormone changes, sleep patterns, activity levels and health problems are all important. Also, your NailaFitMD plan will include specific dietary guidelines and supplement recommendations, prescription for medications as clinically indicated, aerobic exercise, strength training and lifestyle modification guidelines, all of which are essential to long-term weight-loss success.
There is NO “magic pill” or “weight loss injection” which will make you loose weight.
The amount of weight loss varies for each individual and depends on YOUR ability to make positive lifestyle changes, genetics, presence or absence of any medical conditions.

For more information on our Southlake Medical Weight Loss program, please call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment.