Mesotherapy- A Novel Option For Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction

Nonsurgical Spot Fat Reduction Treatment in Dallas

Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction Of Love Handles, Bra Fat, Saddle bags and Other Stubborn Fat Deposit Areas


APhotos of ctual patients, treated with mesotherapy for non-surgical spot fat reduction, individual results may vary

Stubborn Localized fat Deposits:

We all know what “stubborn” fat deposits are. I am not taking being over weight, I am referring to being within 10-15% of one’s ideal weight or even being AT the ideal weight and still have these awful fatty deposits in some areas which NEVER seem to go away, no matter what you do! these “stubborn” fat deposits can occur anywhere on the body and for many people they tend to be in more than one area. Some of the commonly known stubborn fat deposits are ;”bra fat”, “love handles”,  “saddle bags”, fat in the are of upper arms, inner thighs.

There are many types of treatments available for removal or reduction of localized stubborn fat. You always have the option of surgical liposuction which may be the best choice if you have large area of fat deposits and you are in great health for anesthesia and do not mind the down time. For most people surgical liposuction may not be the most desirable option because of many reasons: the small size of the fatty deposits, the cost and the downtime associated with surgical liposuction, medical conditions which make general anesthesia rather unsafe and so forth.

Currently Available non-surgical spot fat reduction options are :

  • Ccoolsculpting – utilizes freezing the fat with an in office treatment that takes about an hour of vacuum application to the area of fat deposit and inducing freeze burn to the fat. About 15-20 % of fat t is destroyed and eliminated over the weeks following each treatment-cost $800-$1200 per single area, single treatment, most people may need 2-3 treatments per area, side effects include localized pain, tenderness, occasional frost bites, skin ulceration etc.
  • Zerona which is a cold laser that targets superficial fat cells, causing the storage form of fat to leak out into the cell. This is then flushed out of the patient’s system, which results in shrinkage of the fat cell itself. Honestly the results are very very subtle.
  • Radiofrequency fat reduction e.g truSculpt™with which uses radiofrequency to break down fat, average cost of $1500, results similar to coolsculpt.

New Injection Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction Treatments In Dallas

Nonsurgical spot fat reduction can be effectively achieved with an injection medication which destroys fat cell membrane upon injection in to the fat, leading to leakage of fat which is resorbed by your body and eventually excreted via your own circulatory system like any other fat that you ingest. Quite frankly the injection for destruction of localized fat is not new at all! mesotherapy has been a very popular treatment for localized fat reduction, antiaging and many other treatments in France and the rest of Europe for decades. In fact I first started mesotherapy treatments in Dallas/Fortworth area for localized fat reduction in 2006 and I am glad to say I treated many patients successfully for localized fat deposits with no side effects other than a few days of swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness which is expected with this treatment. I stopped offering this treatment for various reasons which will be a subject for another day.

Recently Kybella was FDA approved for “double chin” reduction and I am one of the first Physicians in DFW to be certified in Kybella treatments for submental fat reduction. Kybella is the only FDA approved injection therapy in US for spot fat reduction of submental fat. Kybella is very safe and effective in removing excess fat below the chin for a more defined jaw line in men and women. The medication in Kybella works by breaking down the fat cells and resorption of fat by your body’s lymphatic system with subsequent removal.

Interestingly the mesotherapy for spot fat reduction is done with injection of a medication very similar to Kybella into the localized fat deposits. While I will continue to use Kybella for spot fat reduction of submental fat (double chin), I have been asked by many of my patients about spot fat reduction of various parts of body which made me bring back the original mesotherapy with lipodissolve for body spot fat reduction.  the medication for mesotherapy non-surgical spot fat reduction is compounded by a specialized compounding pharmacy. The side effects from mesotherapy for non-surgical body spot fat reduction are minimal and the results remarkable in most treated patients WHEN the treatment is done by an experienced physician using the right medication compounded by an accredited US compounding pharmacy. I get my mesotherapy injection for non-surgical spot fat reduction from a very well respected, and accredited pharmacy in New York and the medication is ordered for each individual patient for its freshness and potency. Just like Kybella, the mesotherapy spot fat reduction injection treatment leads to breakdown of fat cells and release of fat which is removed by your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems. The treatment is safe in experienced hands our patients have been very satisfied with the results for getting rid of stubborn fat deposits in difficult to treat areas such as “bra fat” , “saddle bags”, “love handles”, under arm fat, fat above the knees. 

Each treatment leads to about 20-25% reduction in the localized fat deposit. The results of course vary from person to person and depend on a multitude of factors: the initial size of fat deposits, your genetics, your lifestyle, your unique fat metabolism, your hormonal status, your stress level during the course of your treatments are just a few of the things that determine your response to the treatment. I recommend between 1-3 treatments  for most individuals to get the desired results. I also recommend to be on a sensible, healthy lifestyle including low glycemic carbs, adequate protein and good fats and regular exercise to make the most of your non-surgical spot fat reduction treatment.

The cost of mesotherapy for spot fat reduction in Dallas and Southlake is:

Medium Area- $345 (Single Treatment)

Medium Area-  $875 (Three Treatment Package)

Large Area – $495 (Single Treatment)

Large Area- $1335( Three Treatment Package)

There is mild to moderate swelling and tenderness immediately following the treatment which goes down within 3-7 days after the treatment.

Call 888-210-9693 for your consultation for mesotherapy for spot fat reduction of trouble spots on the body. there is a $100 consultation fee which is applied toward your treatment.