Microdermabrasion Deals In Dallas and Southlake


Medical microdermabrasions are among the most commonly requested treatments in our Dallas and Southlake offices. And for good reason; Medical microdermabrasion treatments are quick, easy, no downtime, painless treatments. Medical microdermabrasion treatments are suitable for most skin types and make an excellent complimentary treatment to many other cosmetic skin procedures and products.
We use the medical microdermabrasion treatments as an adjunct to chemical peels, acne products, antiaging products/skin treatments and hyperpigmentation treatments/products to improve the outcome from these treatments.

Our Current Medical Microdermabrasion Deals in Dallas and Southlake Are:

$39 for one microdermabrasion treatment (a $125 value)
$115 for three microdermabrasion treatments (a $375 value)
$179 for five microdermabrasion treatments (a $625 value)

Completed under physician supervision, our microdermabrasion treatments aim to gently resurface superficial layers of the skin while improving skin tone, warding off acne, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores. We have two different microdermabrasion units in Dallas and Southlake and both units require no downtime following treatments. Prior to the first session, patients meet with a certified clinical assistant/ medical aesthetician for an initial evaluation which includes a review of medical history and prior experience with skin treatments; Dr. Malik reviews every evaluation with her team to determine the optimum skincare treatment plan. Each treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes.

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