Microneedle Fractional RF for Skin Tightening in Dallas and Southlake- One Free Treatment


Microneedle Fractional RF Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction in Dallas and Southlake – Buy a Package of Three Treatments for Any Area at an Already Discounted Price, Get One Additional Treatment Free of the Same Area.
Valid-through 10-31-14
The most talked about, NO DOWNTIME non surgical skin tightening and wrinkle reduction treatment for face, jowls, eyes, neck, under chin, skin above the knees or anywhere else you need a little skin tightening.

Fractional radio frequency is a newer, safer technology which delivers radio frequency in multiple miniscule beams leading to “fractional” heat zones, leaving normal tissue in between the heated zones for shorter recovery time. Microneedle Fractional Radio frequency (MFR) uses specialized tips with ultra-fine gold-coated needles which penetrate the epidermis to deliver fractional radio frequency to the deeper dermis without burning the skin surface. The MFR treatments deliver RF energy in a three dimensional field which vastly magnifies the collagen, elastic regeneration response leading to significant improvement in wrinkles, scars and overall tightening on the skin.

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