Microneedle RF- Skin Tightening, Wrinkle and Scar Reduction- 30% Off until 1-31-15


Radiofrequency for Nonsurgical Skin Tightening, Wrinkle and Scar Reduction.
( Also branded as The Time Machine, Infini Treatment, IntraCell, )
Radio frequency RF energy has been used in medicine in various applications for many decades.
Non-ablative RF was FDA approved for treatment of wrinkles and skin tightening in 2002.

Radio frequency essentially heats up the skin causing a controlled “burn” which triggers the skin’s healing response, eventually minimizing wrinkles, scars and tightening the skin in two distinct ways:

  • Immediate collagen contraction visible at the time of the treatment.
  • New collagen production and remodeling with continued skin thickening and tightening for months after completing the treatment.

The major drawbacks of using of non-ablative RF (for example Thermage) is epidermal injury and pain associated with over heating of the skin surface without increasing the depth of RF penetration and failure to heat deeper dermis for a significant improvement.

The Microneedle RF treatment overcomes this barrier with better delivery of fractional radio frequency with its revolutionary gold plated microneedle tips.

Add PRP skin rejuvenation therapy to your Microneedle RF treatment in Dallas and Southlake for quicker recovery and dramatically enhanced results.

Minimal Discomfort, NO Downtime

A series of three sessions, 3 weeks apart is recommended. Collagen remodeling takes 2-3 months, Results continue to improve for months after the final treatment. Face, neck, skin around the eyes and any other area of body can be treated.

30% Off Microneedle RF non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment in Dallas and Southlake this month.

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