Micropen + PRP In Dallas and Southlake- $645

NailaMalikMD_prpFacial-ResultsThe patient in the above photo had a series of THREE Micropen + PRP topical + series of THREE PRP subdermal injections in the under eye area and nasolabial folds. Individual results vary. The cost of the subdermal PRP injections is not included in the $645.

Micropen + PRP Facial

The Micropen + PRP facial treatment includes a light to medium resurfacing of your skin with the Harvest Micropen with simultaneous application of your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) topically over your skin treated with the Micropen; the healing power of your platelet rich plasma(PRP) leads to better wound healing and ultimately better results with your Micropen treatment

Micropen + PRP + Subdermal PRP Injections

In our Southlake and Dallas cosmetic skincare practice we use the Harvest Micropen with Harvest PRP. The Eclpise Micropen is one of the most efficient professional microneedling system designed to be used under physician supervision and provides our patients a safe and effective treatment option for many skin imperfections. This convenient treatment takes about 30 minutes (may take longer for larger area or multiple areas) and requires only a small volume of blood. Best of all there is very little discomfort and minimal downtime. Most patients experience mild redness for 1-3 days.

In addition to topical PRP application, some of your PRP can be injected subdermally to subtly and gradually improve skin texture, thickness and volume for areas like under eye hollow and nasolabial folds. The Micropen + PRP topcial application with the micropen improves skin texture, fine lines, pigment irregularities, appearance of pores and other skin surface imperfections. For mild laxity and some loss of volume for select areas such as under eye area, cheeks, temples  and for few deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines a small amount of your PRP can be injected below the skin for stimulation of your own  collagen and elastic synthesis for gradual improvement of these areas which leads to very natural results in the weeks to months following a series of treatments. We recommend three treatments for most people for best results

The cost of subdermal PRP injections is not included in the $645 . The PRP subdermal injection cost as an add-on to your Micropen +PRP facial is $100 for the first area and $75 for each additional area.

To schedule your Micropen + PRP facial treatment in Dallas and Southlake, call 888-210-9693.