Micropen + PRP in Dallas and Southlake


Micropen + PRP  Facial Treatment in Dallas and Southlake

  • The no downtime cosmetic skin treatment with profound results!
  • Reduction of sun damage, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and pigmentation.
  • Add subdermal PRP injections for subtle, natural looking volume enhancement of areas where you need it most; under eye hollows, nasolabial folds, jowls
  • Suitable for face, neck, chest, any area of body skin.

What is the Micropen + PRP Treatment?

The Micropen + PRP facial treatment consists of a light to medium resurfacing of your skin with the Harvest Micropen and simultaneous application of your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) topically over your skin treated with the Micropen. The Micropen works by a process called PCIT- Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, which involves inducing collagen synthesis by creating controlled micro-injuries to your skin. The Micropen also creates micro channels to aid in transport of any topically applied medication or serum deeper into the dermis. The addition of your PRP -Platelet Rich Plasma, tremendously enhances the collagen synthesis by providing eight growth factors and initiating migration of your own adult stem cells  which are already present in our body, to the area of treatment for generation of new skin and tissue cells. In essence, your PRP treatment utilizes the healing power of your own blood for better wound healing and ultimately better results with your Micropen treatment.

NailaMalikMD_PRP-prp_Facial_ResultsPhoto: Before and 3 months after three Micropen + PRP topical facial treatments, individual results vary

What can the Micropen + PRP treatment do for you?

Micropen + PRP treatments alone have been shown to improve skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment irregularities, scars and stretch marks. Most of our patients notice an improvement within days after their first treatment. Some of your PRP can be injected into the dermis at the time of your Micropen + PRP facial to reduce nasolabial folds, jowls, tighten and firm upper and lower eyelids and improve  under-eye hollows. Unlike synthetic dermal fillers, which impart volume below the skin where they are injected, the PRP dermal injections induce collagen synthesis below the skin, within the skin and on the surface of the skin for an overall lift with firmer, tighter face and subtle, natural looking enhancement of subdermal volume.

For most of our patients looking to turn back the clock while maintaining natural facial contours,  placement of   PRP below the dermis (subdermal area) gives them a great alternative to synthetic dermal fillers for subtle and gradual improvement in skin surface texture, dermal thickness/firmness and subdermal volume for areas like under eye hollows and nasolabial folds.

NailaMalikMD_prpFacial-ResultsPhoto: Before and after three Micropen + PRP topical + PRP dermal injection treatments- individual results may vary

How long does it take to get the Micropen + PRP treatment done?

From the time you come in to our offices in Dallas and Southlake to finish the treatment it takes about an hour for full face treatment. It may take longer for additional areas. This includes application of topical numbing creme, a quick blood draw for a small amount of blood for PRP preparation of PRP, Micropen treatment and subdermal injections in 2-3 areas.

Does the Micropen +PRP treatment hurt?

Most of our patients find the Micropen + PRP facial quite comfortable. The PRP subdermal injections are associated with transient pain. We apply a topical numbing creme for 20-30 minutes before starting your treatment which really helps with any discomfort associated with the treatment.

What is the cost of the Micropen + PRP treatments in Dallas and Southlake?

The cost of Micropen + PRP facial is:

  • $645 for a single treatment
  • $1680.75 for three treatments

The cost of subdermal PRP injections is not included in the $645 .The PRP subdermal injection cost as an add-on to your Micropen +PRP facial is:

  • $100 for the first area
  • $75 for each additional area.

A series of three Micropen + PRP facials is recommended, 6 weeks apart for best results in most individuals. Deep scarring may need additional treatments.

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