Mother’s Day Botox and Xeomin Specials in Dallas and Southlake


To celebrate the MOM in your life we will be posting MOTHER’S DAY SPECIALS all this month.
This Week- 5-5-14 till 5-8-14 Xeomin OR Botox
$10/Unit OR
$200 per area- Includes ONE free touch up WITHIN 14 days of initial treatment.
One area is defined as ONE of the following:
Frown lines between the brows OR Forehead lines OR Crow’s feet.

If you choose to pay for Botox/Xeomin per unit at the time of initial treatment, there is a charge of $10/unit for touch up based on the number of units needed for touch up.

You will also qualify to receive a $50 gift certificate from Merz, the manufacturer of Xeomin with purchase of $40 or more units of Xeomin or when you get two treatment areas with Xeomin. Or when you combine Xeomin with Belotero or Radiesse at the same visit.
Botox or Xeomin for neck wrinkles in Southlake and Dallas, Botox and Xeomin for jaw reduction in Southlake and Dallas, Botox, Xeomin for hyperhidrosis in Southlake and Dallas is charged per unit price because of the nature of these treatments.
Call 888-210-9693 for an appointment or to purchase gift certificate for Mom.