Naila Malik MD on CBS News- Fighting Gravity with Painfree Facelift

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Watch the CBS news clip video here


Bella Face is a painless, needle free non-invasive, non-ablative skin treatment to improve the aging face with the use of low energy ultrasound waves on the deeper dermis and low voltage electrical stimulation of facial muscles. The result is tighter, firmer face with smoother texture and fewer wrinkles, painlessly and with no recovery time.

There are so many new “facial tightening” and noninvasive “facelift” options that it can be confusing for the consumers. I personally have not been very impressed with the results of many of these treatments so when I was asked to evaluate Bella Face non-invasive “facelift” treatment, I was obviously skeptical.

I agreed to try Bellaface and halfheartedly committed to two treatment sessions 3 days apart.The treatment was quite straight forward; It took about 50 minutes for the entire treatment and to my surprise, I noticed an immediate improvement in facial tightness, skin surface texture and the appearance of pores.

I have been noticing onset of facial sagging but I am not quite ready to get surgical facelift. Bellaface provided an excellent option for subtle improvement in facial sagging and skin tightening without surgery or downtime.

I have so many patients who like me, are bothered by mild and early facial sagging and loss of facial elasticity but are not ready to have surgical facelift. I find Bella Face to be a GREAT option for anyone with mild facial sagging to improve facial tightness achieve a subtle “lift” non-surgically and painlessly.

We now offer Ballaface nonsurgical “facelift” at our Dallas office.
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