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Metabolic Weight Loss in Dallas, Highland Park, Plano and Southlake TX

Live a healthier, happier life with effective long-term weight loss.

It’s no secret that excessive fat and body weight are serious health concerns… and that losing weight and keeping it off are difficult. Weight loss and long-term healthy weight involve complex physiological equations that are different for each person. That’s why diets don’t work… and why millions of Americans struggle with excessive weight and a whole host of related health problems. But a healthy weight and a happier, more fulfilling life are achievable.

NailaMD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss in Dallas and Southlake puts a healthy weight within reach.

As an experienced physician, Naila Malik, MD, understands obesity, body weight and fat. In fact, they factor prominently in today’s most common medical problems — hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and more. That’s why Dr. Malik created Naila Malik MD FIT, a unique, individualized and comprehensive program designed for significant weight loss and long-term weight management.We offer Naila Malik MD FIT weight loss in Dallas and Southlake.

A multifaceted program designed for real results.

Unlike diets and other weight-loss programs, NailaMD FIT is customized for each patient from a medical perspective. Dr. Malik starts with a detailed medical history and evaluation that includes body-fat and -weight measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, review of all prescription and non prescription medications, history of previous weight loss treatments, family history and a complete metabolic blood work-up.

Your initial visit for weight loss in Dallas and Southlake clinics also includes realistic goal setting and detailed explanations of what to expect from NailaMD FIT.

Dr. Malik then follows up to discuss test results, answer questions, update measurements, administer medications as necessary and keep you informed and motivated to stick with each of Naila Malik MD FIT’s three phases:

  • PHASE 1: Metabolic Correction Phase: 6 Weeks, to reduce Insulin and cortisol and jump start fat burning.
  • PHASE 2: Slow and steady weight Loss Phase: Variable, depending on weight loss goal and rate of weight loss. During this phase, we encourage you to lose one to three pounds a week, aimed at losing fat; maintaining muscle, ideal for long term success without feeling deprived, until your goal weight is reached
  • PHASE 3: Weight Maintenance Phase: For life, to help you maintain a healthy weight for life!

Dedicated to helping you lose the weight & keep it off for life!

While calories are important to any weight loss program, Naila Malik MD FIT Dallas and Southlake weight loss program is different from other plans in that it considers and addresses all aspects of your unique weight problem. Diet, stress, hormone changes, sleep patterns, activity levels and health problems are all important. Also, your Naila Malik MD FITĀ  plan will include specific dietary guidelines and supplements, medications as clinically indicated, aerobic exercise, strength training and lifestyle modifications, all of which are essential to long-term weight-loss success. Best of all, Dr. Malik is as caring and understanding as she is passionate about making a difference in your life.

Call our office 888-210-9693 today for the results-focused medical weight loss in Dallas and Southlake offices and achieve long-term weight control you have always wanted… and deserve!