Need to Lose 10 Pounds By Thanksgiving?


We can help you get to your healthy weight without starving yourself!

If you are like millions of Americans who have tried to lose weight with little success or are tired of losing weight only to gain it back, now is the time to take charge of your weight and health.

Naila Malik MD FIT metabolic weight loss program is much more than a “weight loss diet”. Naila Malik MD FIT  metabolic weight loss program is a comprehensive lifestyle plan for healthy weight management, based on the ever evolving science of metabolic medicine. We believe in healthy and lasting weight loss through permanent adaptation of lifestyle to improve your metabolism. YES, that is correct, you can improve your metabolism by changing your lifestyle!

Is  My Weight Loss Diet Making Me Gain More Weight?

We know that there are NO short cuts to weight loss.

We do not promote extreme diets, crash diets or very low calorie diets for “fast” weight loss. All of these methods of achieving “fast” weight loss are detrimental to your health and to your metabolism. In fact “fast weight loss” with extreme methods leads to excessive weight gain, more so than your pre-diet weight when you stop the extreme measures for losing weight. This occurs because your master hormone & metabolic control center, the hypothalamus, resets itself to lower your metabolism in response to very low calorie diet to preserve energy. The result is that each time you put yourself through a very low calorie diet, you gain weight upon resuming your pre-diet lifestyle and it becomes harder & harder to lose weight each additional time. That is why our FIT metabolic weight loss program emphasizes the importance of eating the right stuff and strictly prohibits cutting down calories below 1000/day or following a “no fat” diet.

Are There Any Diet Pills /Supplements That Will Make Me Lose Weight Without Altering My Lifestyle?

If it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true!

The short answer is NO!

While we prescribe an appetite suppressant for short term use in our patients with no contra-indications to these medications, appetite suppressants do not make you lose weight. They only help you exercise discipline when starting a dietary restrictive program until your metabolic hormones (predominantly Insulin and cortisol) are stabilized and you no longer have the hunger pangs, or the irresistible cravings for something for quick energy boost. For most people who religiously follow our FIT program this occurs in as little as 5-7 days.

We also recommend certain supplements which have been shown to help with cravings, improve glucose metabolism to lower insulin levels thereby improving metabolism.

Is it Possible To Improve My metabolism?

YES, most people can improve their metabolism by making small changes in eating behavior, physical activity and stress management. We strongly recommend addressing all three areas; diet, physical activity and stress management for real and lasting results for your healthiest weight.

You will be surprised how much difference you can make with the choice of right types of foods, the timing of your meals, the type of exercise to include in your daily routine and improvement of your stress management skills. We just saw one of our weight loss patients for her 6 week follow up. She has lost over 16 pounds in 6 weeks and she was not obese to begin with. Her initial weight was 156.4 pounds and she is just under 140 pounds today. She had a rather celebratory weekend which involved  indulgence in foods not routinely recommended in the program, such as more than a couple of glasses of wine, a desert and some high glycemic index carbohydrate choices, and as a result she did not lose any weight this week. This was a total surprise to her since her past history was rapid weight gain of 2-3 pounds with similar indulgence. Most of our patients who strictly  follow the program for a few weeks experience similar improvement in metabolism.

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What Is Included 1n My Naila Malik MD FIT Weight Management Program?

Your weight loss program starts with an initial evaluation with Dr. Malik. She will review your medical history, weight gain/loss history, family history of metabolic conditions, your general and metabolic labs which include liver function tests, kidney function tests, electrolytes, thyroid dysfunction screening, fasting glucose, comprehensive fasting lipid panel, your Hemoglobin A1C, which is the MOST important test to determine your insulin resistance status.

After your initial evaluation, Dr. Malik will discuss your weight loss goals, your diet, physical activity and stress management strategies. You will be given our weight management manual which lists everything you need to do to get to healthy weight. You will get weekly lipotropic B12 hots which help increase energy level and help mobilize stored fat in stubborn areas. If there are no contraindications, you will get daily or weekly hcg shots.

Will The Hcg Shots Make Me Lose Weight?

The hcg shots on their own do not make anyone lose weight, and we do NOT recommend the “hcg diet” which is very low calorie diet and is potentially detrimental to your health. We combine hcg with a healthy lifestyle in suitable candidates upon physician discretion and we have found that hcg by way of modestly increasing your own production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone improves your metabolism very slightly; to a lot of our patients who have tried various diets on their own without any results, this slight effect is sufficient for the additional weight loss. We only administer hcg for 6 weeks, additional hcg beyond 6 weeks has no added benefit and may potentially lead to Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome symptoms.

What are the Advantages of The Naila Malik MD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss?
Some of the advantages of the Naila Malik MD FIT metabolic weight loss are:

  • No starvation; our weight loss consists of sensible eating and not a very low calorie diet.
  • Reduce your inflammatory markers for better overall health, better skin, hair and nails.
  • Improvement in blood pressur. *
  • Improvement in lipids.*
  • Improvement in insulin resistance.*
  • Loss of fat and not muscle mass when following the program as prescribed.
  • Lasting results for our patients who follow the maintenance phase of the program as prescribed.
  • Close physician supervision for your safety and to help you achieve results.

*improvement in blood pressure, lipids and insulin resistance is experienced in our patients who had high insulin resistance before starting the program and who followed the program as prescribed consistently over the course of their treatment, individual results may vary.

What  Is The Cost Of The Naila Malik MD FIT Weight Loss Program?

The program is $750 for 6 weeks which includes your blood work, 6 weekly visits, with lipotropic and hcg shots. Right now you get TWO additional weeks of weight loss visits with purchase of 6 week weight loss program.

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