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Oval, heart shaped face with softer jaw lines is considered feminine in many cultures.
Over developed or strong masseter muscle presents most commonly as a painless enlargement of jaw in 20’s to 40’s in men and women on one or both sides of the face resulting in harsh or square jaw angle. Initially the wide jaw is mostly due to the enlarged masseter muscle but persistently enlarged jaw muscle can eventually lead to bony enlargement of the mandibular angle from constant traction of the muscle.

Several medical treatment options have been utilized to soften the facial angles over the last century. These include non-invasive methods such as use of oral muscle relaxants and invasive interventions like extensive jaw surgery. Facial jaw surgery is obviously the more aggressive approach and there is concern of possible nerve damage to the branch of the facial nerve in the area with this procedure. Also, many people prefer non-invasive treatment options for slimming face over the surgical route. Botox for muscle relaxation to reduce the size of muscle has been extensively studied for safety and effectiveness as a non surgical option for slimming the face by reducing the size of the enlarged masseter muscle and subsequently the jaw bone.

I first treated a patient for enlarged masseter in 2010 with excellent results and great patient satisfaction. I have since treated a significant number of patients of all ethnic backgrounds with Botox or other neuromodulators such as Xeomin or Dysport.

Like all treatments, I have a conservative approach to lessen the risk of complications such as over-relaxation which can lead to fatigue with chewing. At initial visit, I inject the neuromodulator in the strong jaw muscles at inferior and less commonly superior border of the masseter muscle. I evaluate my patients at one week for the effect of the initial treatments and if the patient displays very strong jaw muscle contraction upon clenching with little reduction in jaw width, I inject additional neuromodulator for further relaxation of the masseter. The initial procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and more than one treatment may be needed for many individuals. The slimming of the face is visible in 1- 2 weeks with significant reduction in jawline in about 4-6 weeks. Maintenance treatment is needed every 6-8 months to keep the masseter muscle relaxed. Mild bony hypertrophy is reversed with adequate masseter relaxation.

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