Now You Can Have Youthful Hands to Match Your face!

Most people take meticulous care of their face and body with active lifestyle, regular facial rejuvenation treatments and quality skincare products. Interestingly most of us do not pay as much attention to our hands as we do to our face and body. An even more interesting fact is that our hands are not only one of the first areas of our body to show aging but also the area that ages faster than our face.

Photo: Before and immediately after the hand rejuvenation treatment in Dallas, individual results may vary

NailaMalikMD_hand-rejuvenation-1Our complete hand rejuvenation treatment package is $945 until 9-30-15

Why do the hands age faster than the face?
There are several reasons why our hands age faster than our face:

  • Firstly, the skin on the back of our hands is far thinner than the skin of our face to begin with and with aging our skin gets even thinner and loses its elasticity due to the destruction of structural skin proteins,collagen and elastin.
  • Secondly, there is less fat below the skin on the back of our hands compared with the fat below our facial skin. When the skin of the back of our hands starts to become thinner with age-related loss of collagen and elastin, the lack of fat below the skin makes this much more noticeable than thinning skin on our face.
  • Lastly, most of us tend to pay less attention to the care of hands; sun exposure, environmental factors, loss of skin moisture, excessive washing, all lead to skin surface changes such as sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines.
    The result of all the above is aged hands with thin skin, no fat below the skin, prominent veins and tendons, wrinkles, brown spots and poor texture.

It is never too late to pay attention to your hands. Recently FDA approved Radiesse Volumizing filler for injection in the back of  hands. I have treated many patients over the years with Radiesse and Juvederm injections on the back of the hands and had the pleasure to be one of the first physicians in Dallas to be a certified Radiesse injector of hands. Radiesse injection below the dermis takes care of the volume loss of the back of hands, softening the appearance of tendons and veins immediately following the injection. We combine our Radiesse hand rejuvenation injection treatment with a Micropen treatment a week after the Radiesse injection to improve the skin surface. The Micropen works through a process called CIT- Collagen Induction Therapy, which improves the texture, surface brown spots and fine lines on the back of the hands.

What is the cost of complete hand rejuvenation treatment in Dallas and Southlake?

The cost of complete hand rejuvenation treatment is $1295 and includes:

  • Radiesse Volumizing fillder 1.5 cc/syringe- TWO syringes
  • Micropen ONE treatment
  • A prescription for topical skin lightening creme for  brown spots and texture improvement IF needed

Right now our complete hand rejuvenation treatment package is on a special for $945 until 9-30-15
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