PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin) OR Dermal Fillers for Undereye Hollows?

PRF OR Dermal Fillers for Undereye Hollows?
Which is Better?

Undereye Hollows

Undereye hollows and dark circles are a hereditary condition due to a combination of reasons:
Loss of subdermal volume
Excessive pigmentation in the undereye skin
Thin, crepey undereye skin which leads to a concentration of pigmentation
The most appropriate treatment for underye hollows and dark circles should address all the reasons stated above for best results.

Undereye Dermal Filler Treatment


Undereye Juvederm Volbella treatment, individual results vary

Dermal fillers like Juvederm Volbella injected by an experienced physician with a blunt microcannula safely and instantly restore subdermal volume for an immediate improvement in the depth of undereye hollows. The limitations and disadvantages of undereye dermal filler treatment are:
While there is some improvement in of skin thickness and concentration of pigment due to the expansion of subdermal volume, undereye dermal fillers do not improve dermal thickness or pigmentation per se.
Dermal fillers are synthetic HA products and even the most conservative treatment can lead to chronic fluid retention in the undereye area due to a compromise of fluid drainage from even a small amount of dermal filler.
There rare but serious risks involved with undereye dermal filler treatment such as embolisation into the blood vessels leading to potential blindness, skin necrosis or stroke. These risks are drastically minimised with the use of a blunt cannula.

How many treatments are needed and how long do the results last?
For improvement of undereye hollows with dermal filler, one treatment leads to optimal results which may last about a year.

Undereye PRF Treatment:


PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) + MFR (Microneedle Fractional RF Treatment, individual results vary

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is obtained from a small amount of your own blood and centrifuging it without an anticoagulant for a very high concentration of platelets trapped in your fibrin matrix. Unlike PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRF contains white cell and mesenchymal stem cells from your blood which means better regenerative properties than PRP.
The key advantages of Undereye PRF treatment over undereye dermal filler treatment are:

PRF is a natural treatment utilizing your own stem cells and growth factors.
Unlike dermal fillers, PRF improves undereye pigmentation and skin firmness/texture/thickness in addition to providing subtle subdermal volume.
Results from PRF are always natural, without puffiness or fluid retention.
Far lower to no risk of serious side effects such as embolisation leading to blindness, stroke or necrosis.

How many PRF treatments are needed and how long do the results last?

Two to three PRF treatments may be needed for optimum results which may last up to 18 months.


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