PRP + ACell for Hair Regeneration: Is it Better Than PRP ALONE?


PlasmaGenesis for Androgenic Alopecia

PRP + ACell for Hair Regeneration: Is it Better Than PRP Alone?

An individual can experience hair loss for a number of reasons, including hormonal imbalance, stress, significant health events, genetic predisposition.Transient hair loss following stress, medical illness, child birth etc is called telogen effluvium, this type of hair loss resolves on its own with the return of hair to its full pre hair loss level in the majority of people. Genetic hair loss or androgenic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness is the most common cause of permanent hair loss which affects one in two men and one in four women. Androgenic hair loss is a naturally progressive thinning hair disorder and gets worse as we age. At the time of presentation, most of our patients have both types of hair loss simultaneously. While hair loss in both men and women is relatively common, it can be a cause for distress and low self-esteem.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) alone or PRP + ACell treatments are emerging, non-surgical approach to hair regeneration. While PRP alone has been shown to reactivate dormant hair follicles, increasing the number of hair, a combined approach using PRP with ACell biological matrix may yield far better results than just PRP in reversing hair loss.

What are PlasmaGenesis (PRP + ACel) Hair Regeneration Treatments?

PlasmaGenesis PRP treatments for hair loss and skin, and healing involve the injection of your own platelet-rich plasma, which has been processed in an FDA-approved system known as a “PRP kit.” Platelets, a naturally-occurring healing cell of the human blood, trigger a series of natural repair and healing processes via a number of growth factors released upon activation of platelets.

ACell Matrisystem

ACell is an FDA-approved protein matrix and a MatriStem® wound care product; FDA-approved medical devices created from naturally-occurring protein matrices. With broad medical and cosmetic applications, ACell is a highly-effective tool for encouraging rapid and natural regeneration processes.

What to Expect from PRP+ACell Treatments in Dallas?

While individual results may vary, PRP + ACell treatments often result in hair regeneration in as little as 1-2 treatments. Androgenic alopecia is a genetic disorder with progression of hair loss with age, the treatments may only need to be repeated every 8-12 months to maintain hair density. While PRP treatments performed using an extremely high-quality “ PRP kit” such as the Harvest PRP kit for increasing plasma concentration alone are often effective, the combined approach with ACell may yield faster, longer-lasting results with fewer treatments.

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The Best Dallas Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Men and women who are beginning to experience hair loss and pattern baldness may be the best candidates for PRP+ACell treatments at relatively early stage of androgenic alopecia. Achieving satisfactory results often requires partnering with an expert Physician who uses the highest-quality PRP kit for an ideal concentration of undamaged platelets and uses the correct injection injection for maximum results. Research has found that lower-concentration PPR samples processed in cheaper PRP kits do not provide the same results as higher-quality PRP kits such as the Harvest PRP used at Dr. Naila Malik’s Dallas offices. Evidence also points to the appropriate depth of PRP injections for optimum hair follicle nutrition and regeneration.

Dr. Malik is the pioneer and founder of “PlasmaGenesis” PRP therapy for skin and hair”, a unique set of treatments using the healing power of your own blood to regenerate healthy new tissue. To learn whether you qualify for PRP + ACell for hair regeneration, schedule a consultation with Dr. Malik today.

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