PRP + ACell + LLLT- New 2016 Treatment Protocol For Better Hair Regeneration Results

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Treatment of Thinning Hair In Men and Women With A Combination Approach Using PRP, ACell and LLLT in Dallas and Southlake

Better Results From Your PRP + ACell After Single Treatment Protocol

We introduced the PRP + ACell treatments for hair loss in men and women in our Dallas and Southlake offices about a year ago and have had better than expected results. One of my biggest goals this year is to improve the effectiveness of this treatment and reduce patient discomfort and I believe I am on the right track. I will keep you updated with my progress 🙂

US Prevalence Of Hair Loss In Men And Women:

Here are some staggering facts about the prevalence of hair loss in US:

  1. One of Three adults suffers from hair loss; over 56 million men and women suffer in the United States
  2. Over 40% of the total market are women who suffer from thinning hair or medical hair loss.
  3. 77% of men and women do not know there are scientifically proven and medically approved hair loss treatments.
  4. 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35, 65% by age 60, and 80% at 75 years of age.
  5. Almost half (45%) of men and women would spend their life savings if it meant reversing hair loss and receive their hair back.

I find number 3 specially interesting because during my many years of practicing as a cosmetic physician I have seen many men and women with varying degrees of hair loss and very infrequently has anyone asked specifically for hair loss treatments. Most people believe that there are NO effective treatments for hair loss other than surgical hair transplant which is saved as a last resort and does not look very natural.

Currently Available Medical Treatments For Androgenic Hair Loss in Men and Women:

Good news is that there ARE effective treatments for hair loss before you consider hair transplant and here is a list of currently available medical treatments for thinning hair. All treatments mentioned in this list have been clinically studied for safety and efficacy for treatment androgenic alopecia or “male pattern hair loss” and “female pattern hair loss”.

  1. Topical medications- Topical minoxidil , topical proecia
  2. Oral Medications- Finasteride and spironolactone
  3. LLLT- Low Level Laser/Light Therapy
  4. PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma scalp treatments with injection and microneedling
  5. PRP + ACell scalp treatments with injection and microneedling

Last year we did a large number of PRP + ACell treatments with very good patient response in about 80% of our patients. This year, after extensive research  I have made some important changes to our protocol of PRP + ACell treatment to make it more effective and to cut down the number of treatments needed for best results. For those of you  not familiar with PRP + ACell, lets quickly review this treatment so you get an idea of how it works.

 What Is PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is obtained from your own blood. Your platelets are a part of your blood that are responsible for healing of any injury. When you incur an injury, let’s say a cut on your skin, your platelets get activated and release growth factors. These growth factors are complex proteins that initiate repair of the injury by forming a fibrin stand (mesh) or extra cellular matrix under skin.  The growth factors interact with tissue manufacturing cells; such as  fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and osteoblasts, and initiate migration of macrophages and stem cells to the affected to carry on the repair of the injury in the area where platelets are activated. Your PRP also contains stem cells that are concentrated which allows for cell division for growth as well as being able to attract additional stem cells to the repair site. The end result in the case of scalp injection of your PRP is activation of dormant hair follicles and better  health of existing hair follicles for new hair growth and less hair loss.

The benefits of PRP hair loss therapy are:

  • Patient Safety, it is your own body’s healing ability used to generate your hair.
  • Natural and Non toxic
  • No adverse or allergic reaction
  • Convenience: PRP treatments can be  done at our Dallas and Southlake offices, the entire treatment takes about an hour.

PRP treatments are not for everyone. For one these are more invasive than the “no injection” “no blood draw” treatment, so certainly not for you if you have blood or needle phobia!  Scalp injections are associated with some degree of discomfort. The absolute contraindications to PRP treatments are:

  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Critical thrombocytopenia
  • Hemodynamic instability
  • Septicemia or local infection to injection site

Relative Contraindications to PRP treatments are:

  • NSAIDs use within 7 days of procedure
  • Corticosteroid injection at treatment site (1 month)
  • Systemic use of corticosteroids (2 weeks)
  • Cancers (hematopoeticor bone)
  • HGB < 10g/dl or platelet count < 105/ul

PRP treatments for hair loss seem to be more effective for women than men.

The underlying Testosterone/DHT conversion in men usually does not yield great results since the underlying issues remain untreated. In women, hair loss is typically endocrine system related and yields much more dramatic results in reversing hair loss.

PRP as a stand-alone treatment for hair loss needs to be repeated every 2-3 months to keep hair growth which is not ideal.  PRP is used very frequently as part of combination therapies such as using in conjunction with prescription medications, LLLT, and transplantation procedures.

What Is ACell and How Does It Improve PRP Treatment For Hair Regeneration?

ACell is an FDA approved cellular regeneration product used in wound healing that has recently been combined with a patient’s own stem cells and has shown to improve hair regrowth for both men and women. ACell activates follicular progenitor cells (adult stem cells) and allows for greater PRP benefits that promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth. Extracellular matrix (ECM), produced by ACell, is the by-product of porcine urinary bladder tissue that has proven regenerative properties. The way it works is by recruiting adult stem cells along with increased blood supply to the target site. It then effectively changes these inactive adult stem cells back into progenitor cells (the active form) This proprietary UBM scaffold technology triggers abundant new blood vessel formation and recruits numerous cell types to the site of injury. ACell’s MatriStem® technology is a naturally occurring, non-crosslinked, completely resorbable, acellular material.  PRP may enhance hair growth activity but it does not appear to affect the miniaturization of hair associated with male and female pattern hair loss, ACell enhances PRP treatments in much of the same manner but is not a stand-alone treatment.  ACell utilizes the body’s own tissue regeneration mechanism to strengthen miniaturized hairs. ACell also stimulates the growth of new follicles through stem cell activation in the scalp.





Actual PRP + Acell combination treatment patienta, individual results vary.

The photos are not of our patients.These are of  patients of my instructors from my hair loss treatment conferences


To summarize, ACell delivers additional growth factors, stem cells, and collagen factors that PRP does not have as well. When added to the PRP solution, it enhances hair regrowth while allowing for miniaturized hairs to grow back fuller with greater density. By premixing the ECM with PRP we are skipping the step of waiting for the adult stem cells to migrate to the injection sites. Bottom line most patients need ONE PRP + ACell treatment for better results than multiple PRP alone treatments for hair regeneration.

ACell+PRP therapy in combination is successfully used for various types of hair loss conditions:

  •  Male Pattern Hair Loss – especially in the early stages of balding, or anytime there is a lot of miniaturized hair on the scalp
  •  Female Pattern Hair Loss – at all stages of hair loss
  •  Hypotrichosis(fine/reduced hairs) of the eyebrows or beard
  • Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis
  •  Metabolic causes of hair loss- iron deficiency and medication induced hair loss. Of course your underlying medical cause that led to hair loss will need to be properly managed before starting ACell + PRP treatments for hair regeneration for results

Our 2016 PRP + ACell Treatment protocol:

At the end of each year, I review all new treatments to determine the results in my patients and downsides of each treatment from patient feedback. Based on this information I carry out additional research to improve the treatment parameters for better results, better patient comfort etc. Based on patient results, feedback, yet newer research, this year we are making the following changes to the PRP + ACell treatments for hair regeneration :

  • We have added two additional types of PRP systems to get higher volume of PRP for larger areas and higher concentrations of platelets for better results than ever- The Harvest PRP and the Pure PRP
  • We have significantly increased the amount of ACell for each single treatment
  • Starting January 4th we now follow EACH PRP + ACell treatment with a 20 minute LLLT session immediately after the injections and include three additional 60 minute LLLT sessions two weeks apart with all PRP + ACell treatments.
  • We have added a regimen of hair care and medications to the treatment for better results. Think of PRP +ACell treatment as adding water to a bucket with a hole, unless you seal off the hole you will not get the bucket filled. While PRP + ACell will regenerate new hairs and improve the health and viability of existing hairs, proper scalp care with the right products reduce inflammation and DHT build up to reduce hair loss, topical medications such as topical minoxidil (which has little, if any side effects) and  certain oral medications with a very low side effect profile help reduce hair loss, enhance and prolong the results from your PRP + ACell treatment so you can get the most from your treatment. The cost of these medications is very little and it makes total sense to have a comprehensive program for best results.

What Is the Cost Of The PRP + ACell + LLLT  Treatments For Hair Regeneration for Androgenic Alopecia In Men and Women?

  • PRP + ACell + LLLT Medium Area- $2499
  •  PRP + ACell + LLLT Large Area –     $2999

  How Many Sessions of LLLT are Included in the PRP + ACell + LLLT Package Treatments?

Three sessions of LLLT are included in the above packages:

  • One 20 minutes  LLLT immediately after the PRP + ACell treatment to increase the absorption of PRP + ACell.
  • Two additional 60 minute sessions at two weeks  and 4 weeks after the PRP + ACell treatment.

Additional LLLT sessions can be purchased at 50% off regular price for all patients who undergo PRP + ACell treatments for thinning hair in Dallas and Southlake. Not everyone may need additional LLLT.

Call 888-210-9693 for a consultation for thinning hair treatments for men and women in Dallas and Southlake.

There is a $100 consultation fee, which is entirely applied toward your treatment if you start your treatment within 120 days of your consultation.