PRP + ACell Thinning Hair Treatment For Men And Women


PRP + ACell + LLLT Treatment For Hair Loss In Men And Women

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Regenerative therapy with PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma is an effective non-surgical treatment for male and female pattern baldness, alopecia areata and other thinning hair conditions.

A new treatment for hereditary hair loss, male and female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata and a few other forms of thinning hair conditions, the only non-surgical hair restoration treatment, PRP alone or PRP with ACell Injection therapy effectively reduces hair loss and increases hair density and quality in those individuals with thinning hair from all the above conditions.
The type of treatment and the size of treatment area depends on the extent of hair loss and the duration of hair loss. Generally for more advanced hair loss, for hair loss duration longer than 5 years, we recommend PRP + ACell. For milder hair loss and more recent onset of hair loss, PRP alone may be sufficient to induce new hair growth. A second treatment 3-4 months after the initial treatment may be needed to see the desired results. We have a tiered cost program for subsequent treatments after your initial PRP and PRP + ACell treatment.
The results of your PRP treatment vary with your genetics, your overall health, your hormonal status and other factors. Not everyone is a candidate for PRP therapy. Visit our website to see the contraindications to PRP treatment.
We use the Harvest PRP system for all regenerative PRP hair loss treatments and combine all PRP hair regeneration treatments with three sessions of LLLT (Low level Light Therapy) at no extra charge for maximum hair growth. We have patients from all over US who have seen significant improvement within weeks after a single treatment. In fact we have a number of patients who have tried “PRP” hair growth treatments elsewhere with minimal improvement and experience hair growth after a single PRP +Acell treatment at our Dallas and Southlake hair loss treatment centers.

The entire treatment is performed in our Dallas and Southlake clinics in about two hours with little discomfort and virtually no downtime.

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