PRP + ACell Treatment for Male and Female Pattern Baldness

NailaMalikMD_Dallas-PRP-ACell_Hair-RestorationNailaMalikMD_Dallas_Hair_Restoration_1Photo: Our patient with male pattern hair loss; before and 4 weeks after a single PRP + ACell hair loss treatment, individual results vary


Non-surgical Hair Regeneration Treatment in Dallas and Southlake!

PRP + ACell Therapy For Hair Loss in Dallas and Southlake.

A new treatment for hereditary hair loss, the only non-surgical hair restoration treatment, PRP + ACell injection therapy effectively stops hair loss and increases hair density and quality in those individuals with male and female pattern hair loss and early male and female pattern baldness.The entire treatment is performed in our Dallas and Southlake non-surgical hair restoration clinics in about an hour with little discomfort and no downtime.


Photo: Our female patient with hereditary hair loss, before and 4 weeks after a single PRP + ACell hair loss treatment, individual results may vary

How does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) work for hair growth?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), is a product of your own blood, specifically your plasma with high concentration of platelets and without your red and white blood cells. Your PRP has amazing healing properties. Platelets are the component of your blood responsible for healing wounds. Any tissue injury activates your platelets to release several growth factors and start a process of collagen and new cell synthesis. These growth factors along with other medications and supplements, when injected into your scalp, lead to stimulation of your dormant hair follicles and nourishment of your existing hair follicles resulting in thicker, healthier and stronger hair.

How does ACell Extracellular Matrix (ECM) improve the results from PRP hair loss therapy?

ACell is an extracellular matrix formulated for accelerated wound healing and is currently used in many medical conditions for various surgical procedures, chronic wounds, ulcers etc. When ACell is added to the PRP and placed into your scalp, it is resorbed, stimulating your own adult stem cells in the area injected.  The ACell ECM acts as a scaffolding for your PRP .  After placement in the scalp, your  body metabolizes your PRP and the growth factors in your PRP are broken down which means that the effect of PRP alone in your scalp lasts only a few months, requiring repeated PRP injection treatments, 2-3 times a year to maintain results.

The addition of ACell ECM to your PRP before injection  prolongs the duration of results from your PRP.  Additionally, due to the regenerating properties of ACell, your own stem cells that are present in your hair follicles are activated leading to thicker, healthier hair, with an increased density and longer life cycle. That is why ACell + PRP combination treatments lead to better and longer lasting results for hair regeneration.

What exactly are multipotent stem cells?

Multipotent stem cells are present in all the tissues of our body. Adult stem cells are not able to transform into new tissue cells, unless these stem cells are activated. PRP and ACell ECM activate our dormant stem cells when injected into the scalp. After activation, stem cells can start the process of tissue regeneration by calling upon other cells to the area. The activation of stem cells with PRP and Acell is used in many medical conditions where advanced wound healing is needed such as large areas of burns, chronic wounds and certain surgical procedures.

How is my PRP + ACell treatment done?

For your PRP + ACell non-surgical hair regeneration, we ask you to arrive about 40 minutes prior to your appointment time. Our PRP trained medical assistant will draw your blood from your arm vein just like a blood draw for routine labs at your family doctor’s office. She will process your blood through a FDA approved PRP system in a centrifuge to separate your platelets from your red and white blood cells. This Platelet Rich Plasma is them mixed with ACell and other nutrients for maximum hair follicle nourishment and stimulation of dormant hair follicles. For your comfort, we apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp and inject local anesthetic into the treatment area before starting your PRP + ACell injection treatment. The intensely nourishing PRP + ACell mixture is injected into the scalp in areas of hair loss. We finish by doing a scalp surface treatment with the Micropen and topical application of the PRP & ACell mixture to areas of bare scalp. The entire treatment takes about an hour for most people. For larger area, it may take a little longer. You may have slight soreness and tenderness int he area treated for 2-3 days following your treatment.

What results can I expect from my non-surgical hair regeneration therapy with PRP & ACell?

Average hair growth cycle is anywhere from three to six months. The results from your PRP & ACell treatment follow your hair growth cycle. You may start to see improvement in the texture and quality of existing hair within weeks after your treatment; measurable increase in hair density and thickness can take three to six months after your first treatment. For most patients, we recommend two treatments, eight weeks apart and evaluate your results in 6 months to see if you need further treatments.

View results of PRP + ACell hair loss treatments in Dallas and Southlake.

Cost of a single PRP + ACell hair loss treatment in Dallas and Southlake is $1295.
Cost of two PRP + ACell hair loss treatments in Southlake and Dallas is $2395

What you need to know before your PRP treatments?

For your PRP to work, you need healthy platelet count and function. You need to be off aspirin and other NSAIDS for 2 weeks prior to your PRP treatment.
You also need to stop other medications or supplements that affect platelet function such as vitamin E and Omega 3 fish oil supplements. PRP cannot be done in individuals with certain blood disorders.

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