PRP + ACell Treatment- Introductory Price $995/one treatment ends 9-30-15


Get Thicker, Healthier Hair, Naturally!

New Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment For Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

ACell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to stimulate and nourish your follicles for hair growth. Highly concentrated plasma contains platelets that release growth factors; these growth factors have been shown to generate new hair and improve the density and health of your existing hair.

We are thrilled with the results of PRP + ACell treatments in our patients. We started this treatment a little over two months ago and are seeing phenomenal results in our patients as early as 4 weeks after a single treatment. We believe our patients’ amazing results may be due to a combination of the type of PRP system we use, the addition of ACell PLUS other hair follicle nourishing medications in the PRP mix. The technique of injections, the use of Micropen following each PRP + ACell scalp treatment may also contribute to better than average results of the PRP +ACell hair restoration treatments in Dallas and Southlake.

Results of PRP + ACell treatment for hair restoration in OUR Dallas and Southlake patients- Below are photos of our patients before and 4 weeks after a single PRP + ACell treatment for hair restoration- individual results may vary.


Two treatments, six to eight weeks apart are recommended for most people with male or female pattern hair loss. It takes 6 months from the initial treatment to see results.

Click to view the results of PRP + ACell treatments for hair restoration for men and women with male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness in Dallas and Southlake offices.

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The ACell + PRP hair loss treatment is offered at an introductory price of $995 per single treatment until 9-30-15.

PRP + ACell will be $1295/single treatment starting 10-1-15