PRP + ACell Treatment Results in a Woman with Thinning Hair


PRP + ACell Thinning Hair Treatment for Men and Women in Dallas:
Results of PRP + ACell treatment for thinning hair in Dallas and Southlake.
The photograph is of our patient 4 weeks after ONE PRP + ACell treatment for thinning hair. She will have a total of two PRP + ACell treatments; her second PRP + ACell treatment is scheduled for next week and her final results will be evident 6 months after her first treatment. This patient is not taking any other medication, topical or oral for thinning hair at this time. Of course individual results vary

Treatment Options of Hair Loss for Women: Non-Surgical Solution for very thin hair

There is no ONE particular hair loss treatment for female pattern hair loss which will magically give you thicker, fuller hair. Dr Malik uses a multi-therapy approach for best results which starts with evaluation of your medical history, your prior hair loss treatments and response. Your hair loss therapy will include nutrition recommendation, supplements, specific hair care products to reduce hair loss, in some cases oral medications to reduce the effect of hormonal hair loss. These steps combined with in office treatments with ACell + PRP has given pour female patients better than average results for their thinning hair treatments.

ACell + PRP is a non-surgical, injection treatment for female hair loss. The PRP + ACell Injection uses PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) made from your own blood and ACell, an FDA approved wound healing powder that when injected into the scalp activates your stem cells in hair follicles for hair growth.

For more information and to find out if you are a candidate for PRP + ACell treatment for hair loss, please call 888-210-9693 for your consultation in Dallas and Southlake