PRP Facelift- Natural Results PLUS One Extra MicroPen Treatment

NailaMalikMD_Dallas PRP Facelift

NailaMalikMD_Dallas PRP Facelift- Actual PRP Facelift patient, individual results may vary


The PRP Facelift- Natural Results In About An Hour PLUS
One Extra MicroPen Treatment- Now through December 31, 2015

Get Your Youthful Glow Back, NATURALLY!
The PRP Facelift is an amazing new treatment that can improve your skin texture, wrinkles, sagging and volume for naturally youthful facial contours and rejuvenated skin. It is a non-surgical procedure that involves the injection of a gel-like substance made from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that is derived from your own blood. The entire treatment, including preparing your PRP, is done in our offices and takes about an hour. There is little discomfort and downtime with this treatment and the results are phenomenal!
PRP treatments are regenerative treatments; optimum are seen in 3-4 months and vary from person to person due to differences in individual response. A series of two to three PRP treatments is recommended for desired results in most people.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) with Micropen alone improves skin surface through enhanced collagen synthesis and can be combined with most cosmetic treatments.
“PRP treatments are among the most effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments I have seen and I will be glad to share their benefits as regenerative treatments with you.” Dr. Malik

  • Cost of the PRP Facelift is $1500 and includes:
  • One 1cc HA filler- We use 1 syringe of Belotero Balance with your PRP facelift
  • One PRP kit- We use FDA approved Harvest PRP kits for your treatment.
  • One MICROPEN skin resurfacing treatment- 1-4 weeks after your initial subdermal injection treatment with the Harvest MicroPen.


With Purchase of Your PRP Facelift Now Through December 31,215
You can use the extra micropen treatment for one additional facial treatment within 12 months after your PRP facelift or for hands OR neck at the time of your PRP Facelift treatment.
If you have any questions about the PRP Facelift or PRP Facelift in Dallas and Southlake, please call our office at 888-210-9693

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Claim your additional Micropen treatment in our Dallas and Southlake office at the time of your appointment.