Regenerative Cosmetic PRP – Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

Cosmetic PRP Treatments In Dallas And Southlake


What Are The Different Types Of Regenerative Cosmetic PRP Treatments?

One of the most common question I get asked by our patients regarding the cosmetic PRP skin treatments is: “What is the difference between all these cosmetic PRP treatments ?”

Cosmetic PRP treatments are categorized as “regenerative” type treatments in comparison to the traditional cosmetic skin treatments which are non-regenerative and provide temporary reduction of aging signs by adding artificial volume or providing muscle relaxation and in some cases repairing some of the age related skin damage , i.e  reparative in nature. The biggest difference being, PRP injection treatments in fact lead to regeneration of new cells, and new tissue for smoother, firmer, more lifted rejuvenated skin whereas most of the traditional non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments aim to repair some of the  age related skin damage.

I think the terminology “Facial” and “Facelift” is quite confusing and may even be misleading in either case and I dont use these terms in my practice. Generally  PRP Facial provides far better results than a “facial” and PRP Facelift is not a surgical facelift hence the results are not going to be equal to a surgical facelift. In the broadest of sense the PRP facial is for improvement of surface imperfections, poor texture, pigmentation irregularity, fine lines and skin tone whereas the PRP facelift address the surface imperfections along with midface volume and contour which in turn leads to a subtle “Lift” of this area reducing nasolabial folds and pre-jowls to some extent.

What is Regenerative Cosmetic PRP ?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a product of your own blood. Our PRP trained nurse draws a small amount of blood from your arm vein similar to a blood draw at your internist’s office, in a special FDA approved PRP kit and places the kit in a centrifuge to separate your platelets from the red and white blood cells to get “Platelet Rich Plasma” or PRP . Your  platelets are the component of your blood responsible for healing tissue injury. In response to an injury your platelets get “activated” and release eight growth factors. These growth factors signal the fibroblasts, osteoblasts or other “tissue manufacturing factories” in the area of injury to make new tissue for repair of the injured area. The activated platelets also trigger a cascade of events that leads to migration of your stromal cells or “blank stem cells” to the injury site for conversion of these blank cells into the cells you need to repair the injury through a regenerative process. In cosmetic skincare we use your PRP and inject it in areas to use the regenerative properties of PRP to your advantage in reducing age related skin damage, sun damage, pigment irregularities and more. In our Dallas and Southlake offices we use cosmetic PRP in several ways to address different skin concerns:

  • PRP + Micropen- For Improvement Of Skin Surface -Epidermis- PRP-Facial
  • PRP + Micopen + Volumizing Dermal Filler- For Epidermis and Midface Volume and Contour Improvement- PRP Facelift
  • PRP + Injectable radiofrequency or Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR)- For Non-surgical Skin Tightening
  • PRP + DOT CO2 Skin Resurfacing- For Epirdermal (Surface) and Dermal (deeper skin) Improvement- PRP-Skin Resurfacing
  • PRP + Autologous Microfat and Nanofat Lipografting- For Advanced Volume Replenishment and Skin Regeneration- PRP-Lipograft

In the years of my practice as a cosmetic skincare provider, I have not seen anyone age exclusively in one of the above areas; in other most people as they age, will need a combination of treatments to address their individual skin aging needs. I have to evaluate each person and modify the treatment program to be able to address their concerns with a flexible treatment plan.

The PRP + Micropen Facial Treatment In Dallas and Southlake:



Photograph is of our patient, before and after two PRP + Micropen facial treatments with subdermal PRP injections, individual results vary

For your PRP + micropen facial treatment in Dallas and Southlake you will come in thirty minutes before your scheduled treatment time. Our nurse will apply a topical anesthetic creme to your entire face and draw your blood for PRP. We ask all of our patients to have a light meal and be very well hydrated before their treatment for ease of blood draw and so that you do not get dizzy during your blood draw. It takes about 30 minutes for the PRP to be ready. I inject a big portion of your PRP with a very small needle in key areas  such as the under eye hollows, upper eyelid, around the mouth, chin, pre-jowls, areas of hyperpigmentation  and melasma,  into pitted acne and other scars. Our skincare professional will do your Micropen treatment while she applies a small amount of  your PRP as the lubricant for the Micropen.

For those patients who have deep under eye hollows, I recommend  adding a thin HA filler; I use Belotero Balance which is well known for even spread and no tendall’s effect unlike Juvederm and Restylane. Dermal filler injection in the tear trough and under eye area carry a small but real risk of causing blindness due to inadvertent injection into the blood vessels or compression of the blood vessels. I inject this area with great caution using a canula in most cases and placing a very small amount of the HA filler to provide very subtle volume in this area. My goal is to have natural looking improvement with regeneration of your own collagen and other tissue with PRP.

Photo is before and after three PRP facial treatments with subdermal PRP injections

The Cost of PRP Facial in Dallas and Southlake is :

PRP + Micropen with Dermal Injections: $820( Until February 29,2016)

Belotero Balance 1 cc/Syringe: $375 per each single syringe (as an add-on to your PRP-Facial)

The PRP + Micropen + Dermal Filler Volumizing & Contouring In Dallas And Southlake:

This treatment is done very similar to the PRP + micropen facial treatment and includes all the above. Additionally this treatment involves placement of a volumizing filler in the mid face using a  specialized technique to subtly lift and contour the face.

Just like your PRP + Micropen facial treatment, we request that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment. We urge you to have a light meal and be very well hydrated for your treatment for ease of blood draw. Our nurse will apply topical numbing creme to your entire face. She will draw your blood for your PRP preparation. It takes her about 30 minutes to prepare your PRP.  I will inject the dermal filler of choice in key areas as determined by your face shape and your aging needs.  The choice of dermal filler for mid face contouring depends on how much contouring and lifting my patient needs.

  • For my patients who need more volume and lift, I use One 1.5 cc of Radiesse volumizing filler. RADIESSE is comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier and the advantage of Radiesse is that it is a two part filler, a gel for immediate volume and the CaHA for your own collagen induction over the months following a single treatment. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used around the eyes under ANY circumstances.
  • For my patients who have deeper under eye hollows and need less mid face volume, I use one 1cc syringe of  Belotero Balance instead of the Radiesse and place a small amount of Belotero for the under eye area and the rest for the mid face.
  • There are some patients who need significant midface volume AND have deep under eye hollows we can add a syringe of Belotero Balance for a small additional cost.

My nurse or my aesthetician will use a small amount of your PRP for a Micropen treatment right afterward.

The cost of your PRP+ micropen + dermal filler contouring and volumizing treatment in Dallas and Southlake will depend on the amount and the type of dermal filler added to your baseline cosmetic PRP + Micropen treatment and can be determined at the time of your consult in our Dallas and Southlake office.

Which Treatment Is Most Suitable For You? 

I have to see you in person to determine which treatment is most suitable for your individual needs and it is not quite black and white

Generally, the PRP  + Micropen facial is recommended for:

  • Most younger patients
  • Individuals with less volume loss
  • Acne scarring without loss of volume
  • Deep pigmentation such as PIP and melasma unresponsive to traditional medical therapies

PRP + Micropen + Dermal Filler Contouring and Volumizing Is Recommended For:

  • Loss of volume in middle face
  • Poor Mid face contour
  • With or without any or all of the above indications for PRP facial

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The biggest advantage of regenerative treatments is that they are natural and lead to very real and aesthetically superb natural looking results. You will never appear too “stuffed” or “over-filled”. The disadvantage is that regeneration takes time and repetition.  For healthy, well nourished, non smokers, you can expect 20-30% improvement in all areas of aging with a single treatment. These include texture, fine lines, pigment irregularities, skin thickness, skin firmness, volume (in case of PRP + Micropen + dermal filler. 20-30% improvement may be all you are looking for in which case one treatment is plenty after which you will need to have some sort of maintenance treatments to continue to regenerate the normal wear and tear with aging.

Most of our patients for acne scars and pigmentation need minimum of three PRP facials 6-8 weeks apart. I do not repeat the PRP Facelift so close. If my patients need additional improvement in skin texture, scarring and pigmentation, I recommend doing PRP facials 6-8 weeks apart after the initial PRP Facelift.

I hope this helps clarify some of the key differences between these two cosmetic treatments. Please call 888-210-9693 for a consultation if you are looking into cosmetic PRP regenerative skin treatments in Dallas and Southlake. We have a $100 consultation fee which is applied entirely toward your treatment.