PRP And Microneedling Effectiveness for For Acne Scar Reduction

PRP-Microneedling-Acne-Scars-1Does PRP & Microneedling Treatment Work Well For Acne Scar Reduction?
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Acne and other scars a common skin concern among millions of people. Traditionally scars are difficult to treat and require multiple treatment modalities for improvement. We have treated over a dozen patients for acne scars with microneedling + PRP injection and topical application over the last few months and have seen better than expected results with the combination of Microneedling and PRP for our acne and other scar patients.

How Does Microneedling Work For Acne Scars?
Microneedling is a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment which involves gentle mechanical skin resurfacing with very fine surgical steel needles and creation of micro-channels in the skin with controlled needle punctures allowing for deeper penetration of medications and other nutrients into the skin. For scar treatments of deeper acne scars and for hyperpigmented scars we inject PRP into the scars and into the areas of hyperpigmentationto induce collagen synthesis and to reduce the activity of melanocytes for pigment control. We then do the microneedling treatment with deeper settings of the microneedles in areas with deeper scars and go over the scars and hyperpigmented areas multiple times with very light pressure to get a good treatment with very little unnecessary trauma. This allows for adequate scar reduction from both surface smoothing and filling from within by healthy newly generated tissue.

How Does PRP Work For Acne Scars?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma consists of highly concentrated platelets in your serum, rich in growth factors to stimulate wound healing by collagen synthesis induction. For deeper scars and for post inflammatory pigmentation we have seen far better results with intradermal (into the thickness of skin) and subdermal (just below the skin) injections of PRP into areas of maximum scars and pigmentation before the microneedling. We use a blunt canula for subdermal injections to minimize pain, trauma, bruising and swelling and a very tiny needle for intradermal injections.
Together microneedling and PRP are effective in improving various skin conditions such as wrinkles, rough texture, pigmentation and scars. We use the Harvest PRP for all cosmetic regenerative PRP therapy in Dallas and Southlake. We use either The Harvest Micropen or the Dermapen for the microneedling treatments.


Photo is of an actual patient treated with PRP and microneedle from the Dermatologist, individual results may vary 

How Long Does It Take To See Improvement In Scars?

Most of our patients notice an improvement between 2-3 months. We sometimes follow a single PRP & Microneedling treatment with a series of Microneedling alone treatments for continued improvement of scars. Microneedling alone is associated with very little discomfort and virtually no downtime. There is some evidence, mostly gathered from orthopedic procedures, that PRP initiates minimal regenerative response in about 20% or treated patients and there is no way to predict your response before the treatment.

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