PRP For Treatment Of Alopecia Areata

PRP + ACell For Alopecia Areata Treatment
PRP + Acell For Hair Growth In Alopecia Areata
What Is Alopcia Areata?
Alopecia areata is a disorder of scalp where your hair follicles are destroyed by your own hyperactive immune system, often suddenly and at young age This results in patches of complete hair loss which is alarming to most patients. Alopecia areata is not a systemic disorder or harmful nor contagious. Alopecia areata is psychologically challenging especially for younger individuals and the reason to aim for  quick hair regrowth is to save the patient psychological hardship . Sometimes the hair may grow back on its own, but injections to modify localized immune response or to induce hair regeneration may speed up the growth of hair. Unfortunately, for many people alopecia areata tends to recur with stress being a common precipitating factor.
How Is Alopecia Areata Treated?
Most people with alopecia areata present with one or two bald patches, which as I mentioned earlier may get better on their own over time. I have treated alopecia areata for many years successfully with local steroid injections. The most frustrating aspect for the patient is the recurrence of this condition. Last year we introduced PRP + ACell for male and female pattern hair loss with phenomenal success. Although PRP + ACell is most commonly recommended for androgenic alopecia, there are cases of alopecia areata treated with PRP + ACell with very good results for long term managment.
What Are The Advantages Of PRP + ACell Treatment For Alopecia Areata?
 The photos are of a patient treated with PRP + ACell by Dr Bauman, individual results may vary
Speaking from my personal experience with treatment of alopecia areata, I know that steroid injections do work and reverse  hair loss in the patches within weeks after the treatment. But the results are due to transient localized immune suppression and do not alter the rate of recurrence of alopecia areata. PRP + ACell injection treatment for alopecia areata provides the anti-inflammatory response needed to suppress localized hyperimmune stimulus  to stop hair loss, but it goes further to actively stimulate new hair growth.
Their are several advantages of PRP + ACell treatment of alopecia areata over steroid injections for hair loss in alopecia areata:
  • PRP is natural, made from your blood and uses the healing power of your blood to regenerate new hairs
  • PRP injection treatments for alopecia areata is not associated with the side effects of the steroid injections.
  • PRP injection treatment for alopecia areata is a true regenerative treatment which means it actively summons stem cells to the area of injection for hair follicle formation and activates dormant hair follicles through the release of growth factors. Steroid injection works by suppressing your immunity in the scalp to take stop your immune cells from destroying the hair follicles and not actively inducing new hair growth.
  • PRP injection treatment for alopecia areata may prolong the length of time between hair loss occurrences. This effect has not been clinically measured.

The disadvantage of PRP +ACell treatment for alopecia areata is cost. Steroid injections are covered by your insurance and PRP + ACell is not covered by insurance and is costly. Single treatment costs a little over $2000.

 How Is The PRP + Acell Treatment Done?
The PRP + ACell treatment is done in about an hour in our Southlake and Dallas offices. Our PRP trained staff draws a small amount of blood from your arm vein and processes it through Harvest PRP system or EmCyte PRP system for highly concentrated PRP. We mix the PRP with ACell and inject it into the scalp which is numbed with topical creme anesthetic and lidocaine injections to minimize the discomfort from the injections. Immediately after the injections, we have you sit under our LLLT lamp for about 20 minutes to improve results of your PRP + ACell treatment. Most treated individuals notice appearance of new hairs within 2-3 weeks of the injection therapy.
Not everyone is a candidate for PRP treatment, click to see contraindications to PRP treatments
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