Results of Non-surgical Skin Tightening in Our 73 Year Old Patient


Nonsurgical skin tightening is a type of treatment requested by a very large number of our patients. Most common areas of face and neck consulted for non-surgical skin tightening treatment in our practice are; skin around the eyes, skin around the mouth, jowls/pre-jowls, and skin under the chin.

I have been following the latest advancements in non-surgical cosmetic medicine and searching for a treatment option that can effectively tighten these areas without the downtime and pain associated with some of the treatments for a long time. Unfortunately I have seen many widely advertised aesthetic treatments and machines that promise big results but fail to deliver their promise.
My search for non-surgical skin tightening treatment led me to a very interesting set of articles which showed promise with the new delivery method of an old and well known treatment, the radiofrequency treatment,. The radiofrequency treatment has been around in medicine for a number of years for various applications. RF was FDA approved for skin tightening in 2012 as Thermage. I did not introduce Thermage to our practice because of the reviews of this treatment and unimpressive results.

We know from our experience with radiofrequency in medicine that the radiofrequency waves can tighten skin via their effect on collagen fibers in living tissue in two ways:
Immediate skin tightening effect by contraction of the collagen fibers and delayed skin tightening effect by stimulating new collagen synthesis.
The main reason for less than expected results with the older, non-invasiveradiofrequency treatments was not due to a problem with the radiofrequency energy, instead it was due to poor delivery of the radio frequency energy through intact skin into the dermis which is where all the action is needed. The delivery of radiofrequency with microneedles solves this problem and delivers the RF energy exactly where it needs to be delivered; in the dermis. What’s better is that some of the systems allow us to have specialized needles which make the treatment a breeze. Use of gold plated and insulated needles minimizes injury to the skin surface which results in practically no downtime. In fact one the most common questions we have from our Microneedle RF patients is that “did you do my treatment strong enough?” they notice such minimal redness and swelling after the treatment that they wonder if they will see any results at all!

Of course I had some reservations when we first introduced the Microneedle Fractional RF treatments to our practice ( some of the brand names are Infini and Intracel). But now, over eight months after treating our first patient, we have quite a few success stories to share and we are so glad that our patients have been very pleased with the results also!

We chose our Microneedle Fractional RF system based on several factors:

  • Flexibility of Fractional RF energy: monoploar vs bipolar
  • Precision of the microneedle depth
  • Availability of gold plated, insulated microneedles to minimize skin surface damage and downtime
  • Availability of wide range of fluence(power) and time of contact for RF energy
  • Availability of invasive (microneedle) and non-invasive (without microneedles) modes
  • Ease of use for the operator

All of the above determine the effectiveness of the treatments, consistency of results and the ability to treat different areas of the face, neck and body.

Our lovely patient photographed above is a very nice young lady who was looking to improve the area around her mouth, lines above her upper lip and the texture of the skin on her pre-jowl and chin area. She had done other treatments including a resurfacing skin laser elsewhere which did improve the skin texture to some extent but did not meet her goals and left her skin more red than before the laser. She opted for three microneedle RF treatments for the area around her mouth only. These treatments were done three weeks apart and her last treatment was approximately three months before the “after” photo. She was pleased with the results of her microneedle fractional RF treatments and has decided to do a maintenance program with treatments every few months.

We will be sharing more success stories and patient photos with permission of our patients. Please call us 888-210-9693 for any questions or to schedule this treatment in our Dallas or Southlake office
*Above photo is of an Actual Microneedle RF Patient of Dr. Malik- Individual Results Vary