Results Of NonSurgical Facial Tightening In Dallas





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Non-invasive, Non-Surgical Facial Tightening and Rejuvenation in Dallas

These days, no one seems to have the time for staying home in hiding after an invasive anti-aging facial treatment or surgical facelift which inevitably require some down time ranging from days to weeks, depending on the procedure, where your face might be swollen, red, bruised and just not very presentable!
This “no downtime” trend has led to introduction of newer procedures that offer better results than ever for mild to moderate photo-aging and face and neck elastosis (loss of elasticity).
We recently introduced Bellacontour Face for our patients who meet the above criteria, and the results are better than we expected!
Above are the photos of actual patients who underwent an average of 5 sessions of Bellacontour face over a course of 2-3 weeks. Like all treatments, individual results vary with your genetics, your lifestyle and your unique response to the treatment which is aimed at inducing collagen production in your skin and improve muscle tone of your face and neck muscles.
While the procedure is not ideal for EVERYONE, we have found that for most of our patients with mild to moderate sun induced skin aging, poor skin texture, wrinkles, and mild sagging,the results are quite consistent and seem to last for months!
Of course you will not stop aging and will likely need a “touch up” treatment from time to time depending on your rate of aging.
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