Results of PRP + ACell Treatment for Hair Restoration in Dallas and Southlake

NailaMalikMD_Dallas-PRP-ACell_Hair-RestorationNailaMalikMD_Dallas_Hair_Restoration_1Our hair loss treatment patient, before and 4 weeks after a single treatment with PRP + ACell for hair restoration in Dallas- Individual results may vary

What Results Can You Expect From Your Hair Restoration Treatment  with PRP + ACell in Dallas and Southlake?

PRP + ACell for hair restoration is a new treatment for our Dallas and Souhlake cosmetic skin and hair care clinics. We are very careful in choosing any new treatment for our cosmetic skincare and haircare practice. We typically study new treatments for over a year and attend several seminars, workshops and do extensive research about the safety and efficacy of the treatment before introducing it to our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic practice. Our motto is that we will not recommend a treatment to our patients  unless we firmly believe in its merits.

Like all new treatments, we are skeptical about the results of any treatment until we have personally treated a reasonable number of patients and have witnessed the results in our own patients.

We are thrilled with the results of our PRP +ACell therapy for hair restoration in Dallas and Southlake. In the last 2 months, we have performed close to 2 dozen treatments with PRP +ACell for hair loss in Dallas and Southlake and are very pleased with the results in ALL of our patients. In fact, we have found our patient treatment results to be better than expected. We believe that there are several reasons for better than expected results:

  • Patient Selection- We are careful in selecting our patients for hair loss treatments with PRP +ACell in Dallas and Southlake. PRP + ACell hair restoration has shown to be effective for genetic hair loss, androgenic hair loss in men and women and for alopecia areata. If you are unsure about the cause of your hair loss, you need to see your physician and rule out any medical cause for hair loss which needs to be treated by your medical doctor.
  • Patient Preparation- Proper patient preparation for their PRP + ACell treatment has a paramount role to play in final outcome from the cosmetic treatment. We take the time to prepare our patients for their cosmetic PRP treatments. Click to view :”How to prepare for your cosmetic PRP therapy”
  • The Right PRP System- We have seen patients treated elsewhere with PRP for hair restoration with minimal or no results. We believe using the right PRP kit which yields a higher concentration of healthy platelets is very important to your treatment outcome. PRP systems which are properly tested for higher  platelet concentrations of healthy platelets are more costly than others, but definitely make a difference in your outcome.
  • ACell Addition- We believe that the addition of ACell makes a positive difference in the quality of hairs, density of hairs and rate of new hair growth in the treated area. ACell is very costly and not every provider offers ACell with PRP treatment for hair loss.
  • Use of Other Medications- We use other medications in your PRP +ACell treatment for hair restoration in Dallas and Southlake which we believe improve the results of this treatment.

Above is a photograph of one of our patients, before and 4 weeks after just ONE treatment. He is not using any other medical treatment for hair loss prevention at the time of his PRP + ACell for hair restoration. He is scheduled for his second treatment and we will update you with his final results 6 months after his initial treatment.