Results of PRP Facelift for Lower Face and Mouth


Results of PRP facelift for lower face, mouth and jowls:

PRP Facelift is a PRP- dermal filler plus Micropen combination treatment which improves subdermal volume, facial contours, laxity, skin thickness, elasticity, deep wrinkles, texture, tone, fine lines, surface discolorations along with other signs of skin aging in the weeks to months following a single treatment.
The PRP Facelift is a two step procedure; the first step is the subdermal injection of HA filler and activated PRP followed by a light skin resurfacing with the Micropen in one to three weeks. The PRP-HA filler treatment takes about 30-45 minutes and is associated with minimal discomfort, mild swelling and occasional bruising. The mild swelling may last from three to five days and bruising can easily be covered with good makeup.
The Micropen treatment of full face is done one to three weeks following the PRP injection and takes about 30 minutes; Micropen or microneedling treatment is associated with minimal if any discomfort and mild redness which may last from one to three days.

The photograph is of an actual patient before and 6 months after PRP Facelift individual results vary