Results of Radiesse for Hand Rejuvenation in Dallas

NailaMalikMD_hand-rejuvenation-1The photograph is our patient before and immediately after Radiesse injection for hand rejuvenation. We will post a photograph of our patient’s final results 6 weeks after her Micropen CIT treatment. Individual results vary

Complete Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in Dallas:
Results of hand rejuvenation treatment with Radiesse volumizing dermal filler in Dallas.

Our complete hand rejuvenation treatments in Dallas and Southlake offices includes an initial volumizing treatment with injection of TWO Radiesse syringes (3cc) for volume restoration in the back of hands, followed by CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) with the Harvest Micropen for surface imperfections, texture, fine lines and sun spots. We typically do the Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) with the Harvest Micropen one week after the Radiesse volumizing injection treatment.The result is subtle improvement in the volume with softening of appearance of veins and tendons on the back of the hands and gradual improvement in skin texture, fine lines, sun spots over the weeks following the CIT treatment.

RADIESSE® Injectable Implant is FDA-approved for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the dorsum of the hands. RADIESSE is contraindicated for patients with severe allergies, known hypersensitivity to any of the components of RADIESSE, and patients with bleeding disorders. Introduction of the product into the vasculature may lead to embolization, occlusion of the vessels, ischemia, or infarction.
Naila Malik MD is excited to be one of the FIRST Dallas Physicians to be a Certified Injector of Radiesse for Hands:


The regular cost of complete hand rejuvenation treatment in Dallas and Southlake is $1295 and includes:

  • Radiesse volumizing filler TWO syringes 1.5 cc each for a total of 3 cc.
  • CIT(Collagen Induction Therapy) with Harvest Micropen ONE treatment one week after the volumizing treatment.

We see our hand rejuvenation treatment patients 2 months after the initial Radiesse injection treatment. At this time, some patient may need an additional 1 syringe (1.5cc) of Radiesse volumizing injection. The cost of the additional Radiesse injection at the two month follow up visit is NOT included in the initial treatment package.

The complete hand rejuvenation treatment package is currently on sale for $945 until 9-30-15.

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