Acne and Pigmented Scar Reduction Treatments in Dallas and Southlake


Last week I provided consultation for a young man in his mid 20’s with acne scars.
He was a shy gentleman who had most of his face covered with his hair, he displayed poor eye contact during the consultation. I have seen this scenario many times, beautiful kids who are so conscious of their acne scars that it affects their entire personality. And I am glad to have been able to help majority of such kids.

I would like to reach out to these kids and tell them that we can help! we may not be able to get rid of the scars entirely but we can certainly help reduce them significantly… enough to make a big difference in your self confidence!

If you have unsightly scars from acne, eczema, chicken pox, shingles, it can affect your appearance… and your confidence. We can help you reduce the appearance of scars with a treatment plan as unique as you!

Your initial visit we evaluate your skin type, extent of your scars and set specific goals and objectives. After evaluating your medical history and previous treatment response, we can determine the course of treatment best suited for your skin type and the nature of your scars.

The reason we have such a successful track record for scar treatments is that we combine different treatment types to achieve best possible results for most scars over time.

For hyperpigmented scars, we use a specialized treatment program, the Aurora Clearskin Program which consists of in office treatments and prescription medication compounded just for your skin type to reduce dark pigmentation. This program is safe for most skin types and has little to no down time
For deeper scars, we recommend the DOT CO2 fractional laser treatment. Most people with deeper scars have to get two to three sessions of fractional CO2 laser, 4-6 weeks apart followed by less invasive skin treatments for best results.

If you or a friend has acne, hyperpigmented or other scars, Call our office 888-210-9693 for a consultation for scar reduction in Dallas or Southlake, we can help!