Slimmer face, Softer Jawline- Non-surgically

Botox and Xeomin for Non-surgical Slimming of Face and Jaw in Dallas and Southlake


One of the most rewarding cosmetic treatments in our Dallas and Southlake practice in the last few years has been the non-surgical facial slimming and jaw reduction. We have had numerous patients who fly in or drive in from other cities and other states to get this unique treatment. It is a simple, quick, relatively painless, safe and very effective treatment for reduction of the size of chewing muscle (the messeter) which leads to slimming of the face and softening of the jawline in the weeks following a ten minute treatment. In our practice, the patient satisfaction from non-surgical face slimming treatment is high and the results are consistent. We have also had an excellent safety record from this treatment in our practice with virtually no side effects so far in a couple of hundred treatments and would like to keep it that way 🙂

Oval, heart shaped face with softer jaw line is considered feminine in many cultures. I personally think people are beautiful in all forms and shapes and prefer a subtle enhancement to ones own beauty. Being in the cosmetic industry, I see a lot of self criticism and part of my responsibility is to nurture self confidence and encourage a positive self view. I carefully evaluate each individual for the indication for any cosmetic treatment and discuss realistic expectations before starting any treatment.

How is the Non-surgical Facial Slimming Treatment Done?

The non-surgical facial slimming or jaw reduction is done with careful placement of a neuromodulator such as Botox or Xeomin in the masseter muscle after palpation of the masseter for its strength and hypertrophy by an experienced physician. Use of Botox and Xeomin for facial slimming and jaw reduction is considered “off-label” use of these FDA approved medications and is completely legal in the US at physician discretion. This procedure is considered an “advanced” cosmetic injection treatment and should only be performed by physicians with training and experience in such injection techniques.

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Over developed or bulky masseter muscle presents most commonly as a painless enlargement of the jaw in ages 20’s to 40’s in men and women on one or both sides of the face resulting in harsh or square jaw angle. Initially the wide jaw is mostly due to the enlarged masseter muscle but persistently enlarged jaw muscle can eventually lead to bony enlargement of the mandibular angle from constant traction of the muscle.
True masster hypertrophy is a not too common; strong, over-developed masseter is more of a cosmetic concern in most people who present for this treatment. Very frequently, I have seen asymmetry in the size of masseter when doing these treatments in my offices. The masseter size discrepancy can be somewhat reduced by injecting slightly more neuromodulator (Botox/Xeomin) in the bigger masseter. The common presentations of an over-developed and strong masseter are:

  • A more masculine jaw line due to overly defined or hypertrophic jaw muscles
  • Fuller appearing cheeks due to masseter muscle thickness at the superior border
  • Occasionally there may be symptoms of TMJ- although I do not claim to treat TMJ with this treatment in our offices.
  • Some patients may have “bruxism” or teeth grinding due to very strong masseters. I do not offer this treatment for bruxism in our practice.

I provide Botox or Xeomin treatment for masseter reduction (non-surgical jaw reduction and non-surgical facial slimming)  for cosmetic facial improvement only, for individuals who want to reduce the size of their jaw for softer face, and to achieve the look of “heart shaped” face by slimming down lower and middle face which is wider due to hypertrophied masseter muscle, without surgery.

I am conservative with all of my cosmetic treatments. I place the Xeomin into the massetermuscle after palpation of this muscle and see my patients in 2 weeks to evaluate the effect of Botox/Xeomin on the masseter. I may inject a little more Xeomin or Botox at this time if the masster is still “very strong”. I have a follow up at 6 weeks from the initial treatment to evaluate the final response to the  Botox for jaw reduction treatment. Most people need a treatment every 6-8 months. It has been noted that repeated treatments may reduce the size of the mandible for a permanent reduction in the size of the jaw.

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There is a $100 consultation fee which is applied toward your treatment if you decide to get the treatment done within 120 days of your consultation.