Three Easy Tips for Spring-Ready Legs


Three Ways to Get Your Legs Spring Ready

Warm spring days are finally here; are you ready to show off your legs in short skirts and cute shorts? No need to panic, you can get your legs summer-ready in no time with three easy tips!

1. Moisturize, Hydrate, Moisturize!
Slather on the thickest body creme twice a day to really moisturize. Apply spray on body oil right after shower on towel dried moist skin for extra hydration. We like Aquaphor at night (or twice a day for really dry cracked skin), Cerave during day and Philosophy Pure Grace Satin Finish body oil mist after shower.

2. Exfoliate Dead Winter Skin:
We suggest using a loofah in the shower with hydrating body wash every day and an oil based salt/sugar scrub one to three times a week. We like the Body Shop Shea Butter scrub for gentle exfoliation. You can also use a body moisturizer with glycolic acid every day for chronically scaly skin. We like AmLactin body lotion for rough scaly skin for daily use for scaly skin.

3.Get Laser Hair Reduction and Ditch Your Razor:
Nothing is sexier than smooth hairless legs without razor bumps. The newer laser hair reduction machines are far less painful and very safe for most skin colors and types. We use SHR laser hair removal in Dallas and Southlake for fast and virtually painless hair removal treatment.

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