The PRP Facial- A Natural Way To Fight Aging Of Skin Surface


PRP Facial in Dallas

Micropen Facial,  Dermapen facial, Microneedling and PRP

What is a PRP Facial?

A PRP facial is a new cosmetic facial treatment which combines the new minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatment, Microneedling (Micropen and Dermapen) and combines it with the superb healing properties of your Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP for enhanced results from your Microneedling.

The PRP Facial gained popularity in the media after Kim Kardashain talked about this treatment’s benefits in 2013. The “Kim Kardashain PRP Facial” has been touted in various national publications and blogs as the “go to celebrity facial”.

How Does The PRP Facial Work?

The unique rejuvenating/resurfacing action of the Micropen works through a process called CIT -Collagen Induction Therapy and creates controlled micro injuries to the surface of your skin which heal with collagen production in your skin for a smooth, youthful appearance.
The addition of your PRP to your Micropen treatment enhances the CIT by providing tissue and fibroblast growth factors; significantly increasing your collagen synthesis and new skin cell production. The growth factors in your PRP activate your multipotent stem cells to generate new skin cells for better, faster healing of your microwounds. The result of a PRP-Micropen combination treatment is far better than the Micropen alone; fewer fine lines, firmer, smoother skin with tighter appearing pores and a healthy youthful glow in four to six weeks following ONE PRP Facial.

How Long Does The PRP Facial Treatment Take?

The PRP facial treatment takes about 60-90 minutes to complete:
About 30 minutes of preparation- Topical numbing and preparation of your PRP
About 30-60 minutes minutes for treatment of full face, full face and neck depending on your skin needs; areas of scarring, deep wrinkles need extra attention for better results. Additional areas take longer time.

Is There Any Discomfort Associated With the PRP Facial?

We routinely apply a custom compounded topical numbing for 30 minutes prior to the PRP facial which makes the treatment very comfortable. Most of our patients describe a “buzzing sensation” during the treatment. Individual pain tolerance varies but overall the treatment is very tolerable and associated with minimum discomfort.

Is There Any Recovery Time After The PRP Facial?

You may have mild redness and mild swelling which can last 24 to 72 hours after your PRP facial. Most of our patients are able to cover up the redness with make up the next day. We prefer that you do not apply any makeup or skin products for 16-24 hours after your PRP facial treatment.

What Can The PRP Facial Improve?

  • The PRP Facial has been shown to improve:
  • Skin Texture
  • Skin Tone
  • Appearance of Pore Size
  • Fine Lines on the Surface of Skin
  • Skin Surface Scars
  • Pigment Irregularities in the Skin Surface
  • Sun Damage on the Skin Surface
  • Surface Stretch Marks
    The results can take 4-6 weeks, individual results vary with genetics, lifestyle and personal response to the treatment.

NailaMalikMD_PRP_Facial_Results-1Patient photo, before and after the PRP Facial, individual results may vary

How Many PRP Facial Treatments Are Needed For Best Results?

Most individuals need one treatment to see significant results and then a single treatment every 8-12 months for maintenance. Individuals with advanced sun damage or acne scars are recommended to get a series of 2-4 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart.

What is the Cost of the PRP Facial?

The cost of your PRP Facial in Dallas and Southlake is $645

This includes:

  • One Full Face Treatment with the Harvest Micropen, multiple passes as needed
  • One FDA Approved PRP kit for application on the skin surface

The Above cost of $645 for the PRP Facial does NOT include:

  • Neck, chest, hands or or any other areas
  • Subdermal PRP injection for collagen and volume building

Neck and additional areas can be purchased for a small additional fee.

Subdermal PRP injections for deep nasolabial folds, under-eye hollows, facial contouring can be purchased for $100 for the first area and $75 for each additional area.

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