Thinning Hair Treatment- What Are Your Options?


With the rapidly escalating popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for face, neck and body, there seems to be an equal escalation in the number of treatment options being marketed for thinning hair. Problem is, some of the thinning hair treatments promise more than they can deliver.
Dr. Malik extensively studied various causes and treatment options for thinning hair and participated in seminars for hair loss treatments before adding a handful of clinically proven treatments for thinning hair in her Southlake and Dallas cosmetic skincare practice.

There is no one treatment that can completely reverse hair loss but in most cases a combination approach can slow down hair loss and regenerate hair growth of new hair. Individual results vary with several factors such as genetics, hormonal status, presence of any other medical conditions, chronic stress; all modify the response to thinning hair treatments.

Like all non-surgical cosmetic skin services in Dallas and Southlake, Dr. Malik starts thinning hair treatments after your hair loss evaluation with your medical history. We provide a combination approach to decrease hair loss and increase hair growth based on your medical history, extent and type of hair loss and response to any prior thinning hair treatments.

We do not provide management of medical conditions like thyroid disorder or hormonal imbalance leading to hair loss. These medical conditions will need to be managed by your family physician.
We do provide nutrition counseling and supplements recommendation to maximize the results of your thinning hair treatments.

Below is a general algorithm for thinning hair treatments in Dallas and Southlake, individual treatment parameters will vary:
Assess and optimize nutritional status- lifestyle and supplements Use of medications to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth:
Topical medications – Minoxidil and combination of minoxidil
Oral medications for thinning hair: Spironolactone/Propecia- oral medications may need to be prescribed by your primary care physician.
Laser treatments for thinning hair – LLLT: Low Level Laser Therapy Minimally invasive treatments for thinning hair-Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection therapy and Micropen with Cosmetic PRP for thinning hair.

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