Three Tips for Clear Skin in Summer Heat and Humidity

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Pick the right cleanser:
People want to make sure they are using the right cleanser for their skin type. A cleanser with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is great to keep skin energized, remove excess oils, refine pores and improve skin with a light exfoliation. You should use twice a day and if you find that is too drying try to use a more gentle cleanser in the morning.
Product Recommendation:
Naila MD AGELESS AHA Cleanser

Even if you have oily skin don’t skip on the moisturizer. Your skin needs hydration and a lightweight moisturizer that is oil free is your best bet. You want to look for one that absorbs easily into skin and locks in moisture without leaving skin feeling greasy. Also, you can opt for a gel instead of a moisturizer, which might be more lightweight.
Product Recommendation:
Naila MD CALM Rosacea Serum

SPF Everyday:
No matter your skin tone, moisturizer, and even clouds in the sky you still need to wear sunscreen every day. Choose an oil free product with a minimum of SPF 15. Apply sunscreen under makeup before heading out in the morning and if outside all day make sure to reapply every couple of hours. Try and find a product containing zinc or avobenzone which will help block UVA light for direct sun exposure.
Product Recommendation:
Naila MD BB Creme Mineral tinted, ultra light weight moisturizer as an all in one product option for moisturizer, SPF20 and light coverage foundation