A New Treatment For Your Thinning Hair That Actually Works well!


Photo above is of our patient, before and 4 months after PRP + Acell treatment for hair regeneration

PRP + ACell Therapy For Regeneration Of Thinning Hair in Men And Women

Finally a new(er) treatment option for hereditary hair loss, androgenic hair loss or hormonal hair loss in men and women that has shown great results in the vast majority of our patients since we started offering this treatment to our patients in August 2015. A regenerative type of hair loss treatment and the only non-surgical hair restoration treatment, PRP + ACell injection therapy effectively reduces ongoing hair loss and increases hair density and quality in those individuals with male and female pattern hair loss and early male and female pattern baldness.The entire treatment is performed in our Dallas and Southlake regenerative cosmetic medicine clinics in a little over an hour with little discomfort and no downtime.







For our non-surgical hair regeneration treatments with PRP and Acell, we use the Harvest PRP systems to prepare your PRP. We add the extra-cellular matrix, ACell to the harvest PRP right before injecting it into the scalp in the areas of maximum hair thinning. My nurse draws and prepares the PRP and applies a topical numbing medication to the treatment area. Before scalp injections, I do a ‘ring block’ which makes the front of your scalp very numb to reduce the discomfort from the injkections. For my patients with extensive hair loss of the top and the back of the head I offer an occipital block with a small amount of lidocaine to numb this area for injections of PRP + ACell into the scalp for thinning hair on the top and back of the head. Immediately after your PRP + Acell treatment,we like you to sit under the LLLT source for about 20 minutes to reduce follicular inflammation and further boost the results of your PRp + ACell injection treatment for hair regeneration.

The cost of the PRP + Acell hair regeneration is:

$2495 for medium area
$2995 For Large area

Majority of our patients need the medium area treatment. We do a single PRP + ACell treatment followed by three LLLT sessions to further boost the results of you PRP + Acell hair regeneration treatment, we evaluate your results for hair growth in 4 months. Most individuals need a follow up treatment every 12-24 months after a single PRP + ACell hair regeneration injection treatment.
Unfortunately your genetics cannot be altered and you will need repeated PRP + Acell treatment to maintain your hair density. We recommend combining your PRP + Acell hair regeneration treatments with excellent nutrition, hair products to reduce the effect of DHT on hair follicles and in some cases oral medications to block the effect of DHT on hair loss for optimum results and to prolong the duration between your PRP + Acell treatments.

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Photo below is of our patient, before and 4 months after PRP + Acell treatment for hair regeneration


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