Saftey and Cosmetic Concerns- Watch Undereye Juvederm Volbella Xc Treatment by Dr. Malik

Dallas Undereye Hollows and Dark Circles Treatments

Under eye hollows and dark circles are a common concern among our cosmetic patients. There are multiple etiologies for under eye hollows and dark circles, and in most people, a combination of these factors contribute to the appearance of the undereye dark circles and hollows:

  • Loss of subdermal volume
  • Dark pigmentation of the skin
  • Thinning skin
  • Venous congestion due to allergies or other reasons

An appropriate treatment plan for under eye hollows starts with the patient evaluation to determine the cause(s) of under eye hollows/dark circles. A 3-D treatment plan aimed at improving skin thickness, firmness, pigmentation and subdermal volume leads to the best results.

Currently, none of the dermal fillers that are FDA-approved for other areas of the face is FDA-approved for the undereye area. Dr. Malik uses an FDA-approved dermal filler(for facial injections) like Juvederm Volbella XC to correct the subdermal volume loss and combines the dermal filler with another treatment to improve skin thickness, pigmentation as needed. For undereye area injection, safety and cosmetic results are a bigger concern than other areas of the face. Use of a blunt cannula

Safety Concerns of Undereye Dermal Filler treatment

There is a very small but serious risk of accidental injection into the neurovascular bundle in this area which can lead to blindness or stroke. View the article regarding the incidence of blindness published in Cosmetic Surgery Times. Experienced injectors have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and the appropriate injection techniques to minimize such risk. The use of a blunt cannula for undereye injections may reduce the risk of puncturing the neurovascular tissue. View the article in Aesthetic Surgery Journal comparing needles and blunt cannulas for safety and cosmetic outcomes 

 Cosmetic Concerns of the Undereye Dermal Filler treatment

There are a couple of cosmetic concerns with the dermal filler treatment of the under eye area:

  • The skin of the under eye area is thinner with less subdermal fat which makes it less forgiving, which frequently leads to a lumpy appearance of the dermal filler if care is not exercised. To avoid this, appropriate patient selection is necessary. Dr. Malik may recommend a skin tightening treatment such as the Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency with or without PRP skin treatment before your undereye dermal filler treatment if she thinks your undereye skin is too thin for the dermal filler.
  • The lymphatic drainage of the undereye area is an important consideration when placing dermal filler in this area. Even a small amount of dermal filler can encroach upon and compromise the lymphatic drainage which can lead to chronic puffiness in this area. Undercorrecting is a better approach to avoid this complication
  • The “dynamic face” concept is vital to all dermal filler treatments. This means taking into consideration what happens to the 100% corrected undereye hollows when you smile or squint. Dr. Malik aims for less than 100% correction to avoid the “bunching” of the dermal filler with facial expression.
  • The type of dermal filler used for this area is important. A hyaluronic acid dermal filler is considered better for this area, older HA fillers like Juvederm Ultra are thicker and can lead to “Tyndal’s effect” a bluish discoloration due to the thin skin in this area. A lighter weight HA filler that is less hydrophyllic

In summary, a dermal filler treatment for undereye hollows is a safe treatment that can lead to satisfactory results in the hands of an experienced cosmetic dermal filler treatment provider.

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