What Is PRP- Microneedling?


Actual PRP- microneedling patient, individual results vary


The PRP Facial- Harvest Microneedling and PRP Treatment

The PRP Facial includes a light to medium resurfacing of your skin with a microneedling system while simultaneously using the healing power of your plasma for better wound healing and ultimately better results.

In our Southlake and Dallas cosmetic dermatology practice we use the Harvest Micro Needling System with Harvest PRP for your PRP Facial. The Harvest Micropen treatment (Dermapen, Microneedling) combined with the Harvest PRP provides our patients a safe and effective platelet-rich plasma therapy with one of the most efficient professional microneedling system designed to be used under physician supervision. This convenient treatment takes about 30 minutes (may take longer for larger area or multiple areas) and requires only a small volume of blood. The Harvest PRP delivers the best platelet recovery rate and highest volume of PRP yield, with greater than six mLs of PRP per 10 mL tube which means less blood taken from you for your PRP Facial without compromising your PRP quality and results.

Naila Malik MD offers the PRP Facial in Dallas and Southlake locations for improvement of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and other scars, stretch marks and other skin surface imperfections. The use of Harvest PRP for your cosmetic treatments in Dallas and Southlake ensures consistent platelet concentration, allowing for predictable performance. Harvest PRP has no foreign components such as pyrogens, which minimizes adverse reactions and maximizes the healing benefits of PRP. Harvest PRP is prepared by our PRP trained medical assistant in our Dallas and Southlake offices while you numb prior to your PRP Facial for a convenient, faster, safer and better experience.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been shown to improve and hasten natural wound healing in a wide range of medical procedures and fits with Dr. Malik’s philosophy of use of natural resources for best outcome of your minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, safely and efficiently.
“In our Dallas and Southlake skincare offices, using PRP with our cosmetic skin and hair treatments allows us to provide our patients cutting edge solutions for better outcome of their cosmetic treatments and natural looking results with maximum safety and minimal downtime.” Dr. Malik

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