What is The “PRP FaceLift®”?


Do You Have These 3 Most Common Signs of Facial Aging?

1. Facial Skin Color: Grayish skin color due to decreased blood flow.

2. Facial Shape: Collapsed and droopy face shape with loss of muscle and collagen below the skin.

3. Facial Skin Texture: Rough and uneven skin texture making you look tired and worn out. The youthful glowing skin with healthy blush is faded to a dull lusterless, grayish complexion.

If you have answered yes to these questions, the PRP FaceLift® may be the right treatment for you.

What Exactly Is The “PRP FaceLift®” ?

The “PRP FaceLift®” is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenating treatment which uses a hyaluronic acid cosmetic dermal filler such as Juvederm or Belotero to add volume to your face; followed by cosmetic PRP injections for subtle lift and fullness of cheeks, under-eye hollows, sides of face and other thin-skinned spots.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers restore youthful volume and shape and can be used to plum up deep wrinkles.The HA fillers do little to improve skin tone and texture. The PRP FaceLift® uses the healing power of your own blood to restore shape, volume and improve skin tone, firmness and texture through the process of literally regenerating new and younger skin cells and collagen!

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is prepared by drawing a small amount of your blood and processing it using one of the FDA certified PRP kits to separate platelets and fibrin from red and white blood cells. Platelets and Fibrin are the substances that heal your wounds after injury and when purified and injected back into your skin, they stimulate your body’s growth factors for collagen synthesis leading to natural facial fullness and lift over weeks following the procedure.

Since you can’t be allergic to your own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction to PRP injection.

For your PRP Facelift in our Dallas and Southlake skincare clinics, we have a two step treatment to adequately address aging, both above and below the  surface of your skin:

  1. The first step of your cosmetic PRP treatment addresses facial volume, contouring and induces collagen for thicker, firmer  dermis in the months to follow. This step of your PRP facelift in our Dallas and Southlake Cosmetic skincare offices involves placement of HA filler strategically to provide “scaffolding” around which we want to induce maximum collagen synthesis to restore your facial volume and youthful contours.
  2. The second step of your PRP facelift treatment in Dallas and Southlake is done 3-4 weeks after your initial treatment and it involves a light resurfacing of your skin with either a Micropen treatment or a series of usually two Medicated chemical peels customized to your skin needs to address pigmentation or breakouts.

Most people have significant improvement in all three areas of facial aging as listed above, 4-6 months following a single treatment session, those with advanced facial aging may need additional treatment session.

The cost of the PRP Facelift Treatment in Dallas and Southlake is $1500 and includes:

  • One 1cc HA filler- Dr. Malik uses Belotero Balance due to its unique properties which makes it suitable for injection in areas of thinner skin such as under eye area and above the upper lip
  • One PRP kit- We use an FDA approved PRP kit for all PRP cosmetic treatments.
  • One MICROPEN skin resurfacing treatment, 2-4 weeks after your initial subdermal injection treatment.

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