Whether you’re 30 and just noticed your first wrinkle, or 60 with moderate photo damage, looking for solutions to age gracefully, wrinkle treatment is probably on your mind.

With the trend shifting from invasive, surgical cosmetic procedures to non-surgical and minimally invasive skin treatments, you do not have to lose the wrinkle battle. The options for non surgical skin rejuvenation are growing each year and can be effectively combined for synergistic results…. and most men and women can look as good as they feel.

At our Dallas cosmetic skin treatment facility we do just that! Combine various skin treatment options to customize to YOUR skin needs, after taking into account, your skin type, schedule and budget.

Wrinkle reduction and reduction of other signs of photo-aging, brown spots, rough texture, loss of elasticity, loss of facial volume can all be improved using the right sequence of one or more of the following treatments.


BOTOX® or XEOMIN® . These substances relax the muscles just below the skin causing the expressive lines to smooth out. Best for upper face wrinkles. Dr. Malik uses Botox/Xeomin sparingly for around the mouth lines and neck wrinkles as well. The procedure takes just a few minutes and the medication is injected with a very tiny needle for minimum discomfort. There is no downtime, occasionally there may be bruising. This is the number 1 cosmetic procedure performed in America for men and women

This type of treatment is for deeper wrinkles, lower face wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette lines etc. There are several types of dermal fillers and they differ in consistency, injection depth and duration of action. Dermal fillers are used to replenish lost facial volume to give your cheeks a little lift for a youthful face. Dr. Malik uses dermal fillers for the back of the hands for lost volume and thinning skin. Dr. Malik uses hayluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero) for placement in lips, middle skin layer and Radiesse for volume restoration of face and hands

We use Smartxide CO2 fractional laser for skin resurfacing. Dr. Malik carefully evaluates each patient before this treatment and customizes the laser settings for individual skin type and extent of photo damage. The results of skin treatment are dramatic with notable improvement in sun spots, texture, fine lines (which cannot be filled with dermal fillers), skin tightness, thickness and elasticity. For some individuals, Dr. Malik suggests doing the laser treatment before the dermal filler for better, more natural looking results from the filler due to increase in skin thickness and tightness. There is a 4-5 day downtime with this type of laser. Most people do very well with just one treatment and the results last for years
IPL Fotofacial is not a laser treatment. Instead, it uses intense pulsed light to destroy brown pigment in the skin surface from sun exposure and shrink down broken and dilated capillaries. A series of treatments is needed and leads to improvement in skin texture, tone and fine lines from collagen stimulation. IPL treatment has no down time and is best suited for mild to moderate photo-aging with brown spots and poor texture and for rosacea.

Dermalift uses a low energy laser and electrical stimulation to drive a prescription, medicated antia-ging gel deep into the skin for wrinkle reduction and texture improvement. The electrical stimulation strengthens the facial muscles for facial tightening which is noticeable immediately after the first treatment. With a series of treatment there is tremendous improvement in facial tightness, fine lines, texture and pores. We recommend a series of ten treatments, twice a week, followed by maintenance treatment every few weeks as needed. There is no downtime and the treatment is painless

At our Dallas cosmetic skin treatment facility, we offer two types of chemical peels to remove the surface layers of skin creating micro damage which leads to new collagen production. A series of chemical peels ca improve skin texture, superficial pigment irregularities, fine lines, pores and break outs. There is two to four days of downtime depending on the peel.


We use diamond tip to gently but effectively remove the surface dead cells, debris and oils for a renewed, refreshed glowing skin. This type of treatment is ideal for young skin as a preventive treatment for wrinkles and makes a great adjunctive treatment for older skin. Microdermabrasion can be combined with Retinol peel (REJUVENATING MICROPEEL) to increase efficacy for wrinkle reduction and it be combined with any of the other wrinkle treatments discussed above. There is no downtime and the procedure is painless
To find out which treatment best suits your skin needs, please call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment