Xeomin, The “Naked Botox” For Wrinkles, Hyperhidrosis and Other Aesthetic Treatments.


What is XEOMIN? (Zee-Oh-Min)

XEOMIN® is a prescription medicine very similar to Botox that is injected into muscles and used for various cosmetic and medical conditions such as :

  •  For treatment of increased muscle stiffness in the arm of adults with upper limb spasticity.
  • To treat the abnormal head position and neck pain with cervical dystonia (CD).
  • To treat abnormal spasm of the eyelids (blepharospasm) in adults who have had prior treatment with onabotulinumtoxinA (BOTOX).
  • To improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults or treatment of dynamic wrinkles of forehead, 
    for a short period of time (temporary)

We use XEOMIN  for  several other aesthetic conditions in our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skincare practice;

XEOMIN FDA approval: Xeomin  from Merz Aesthetics has been used in Europe since 2008. It received FDA approval in November of 2011 and is the newest Neurotoxin on the US market.

How Does XEOMIN® Work for frown lines?

Frown lines form when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. Over time, as your skin ages, these repeated expressions cause lasting frown lines. Neurotoxins, such as XEOMIN®, are prescription medications that block the release of chemicals that cause these muscle contractions. So frown lines are softened.

What is the difference between XEOMIN and BOTOX?


BOTOX and XEOMIN are very similar in their active ingredient and mechanism of action. XEOMIN is sometimes described as “The Naked BOTOX” due to the  absence of carrier proteins present with Botox. Theoretically the lack of carrier protein results in fewer allergic reactions and less chance of developing  resistance to the neurotoxin which is sometimes seen in people after repeated treatment with BOTOX. XEOMIN, due to its lack of these additives, does not need to be refrigerated. It is the only one of the three neurotoxins that has this feature.

Uses Of XEOMIN In Our Dallas and Southlake Cosmetic Treatment Practice:

We use XEOMIN for dynamic wrinkles of upper face, chin and neck, softening of platysmal neck bands, for hyperhidrosis and for non-surgical jaw reduction due to masseter hypertrophy in Dallas and Southlake.

Results Of XEOMIN Treatment:

The results of XEOMIN treatments for dynamic face and neck wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, non-surgical jaw reduction are very comparable to the results from BOTOX treatments for these conditions in onset and duration of action and in terms of units needed for each treatment.



The cost of Dallas and Southlake Xeomin treatments varies from $10-$14/unit deppending on our specials. We periodically have specials on Xeomin for wrinkle and hyperhidrosis treatment, the cost of Xeomin for non-surgical jaw reduction is $500 per treatment upto 50 units. View our current Xeomin specials in Dallas and Southlake for wrinkle and hyperhidrosis treatments.

Merz has a XEOMIN rewards program which allows you to have $50-$100 prepaid visa card towards your XEOMIN , BELOTERO and RADIESSE treatments.

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