Xeomin- Newer Botox Aleternative- Starting at $8/unit in Dallas and Southlake


Botulinum toxin type A products such as Botox Cosmetic Dysport and Xeomin aesthetic are widely used by cosmetic doctors all over the world to reduce dynamic wrinkles on face. These products are used by some skilled physicians for other cosmetic treatments as well such as reduction of chin wrinkles, reduction of necklace lines and reduction of hyperhidrosis. They medications are available by prescription to Physicians only and they work by injection into the muscle below the skin for dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles caused by the movement of facial muscles of expression. The active ingredient in these products works by blocking the nerve signal to the muscles, thereby causing the muscle contraction to weaken. The weaker muscle leads to relaxation of the overlying skin and softening of the wrinkles created by the expressive muscles for example frown lines, crow’s feet etc. The trick of great results from your Botox or Xeomin treatment for wrinkles is just enough relaxation of expressive muscles to soften the lines without getting rid of the expression itself.  Complete relaxation of these muscles lead to expressionless face and very frequently “weird” eyebrows. These medications are approved by the FDA for temporary improvement in the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet only. The rest of the treatments are done at physician discretion, which is perfectly acceptable as long as the treating physician has adequate training and experience in performing these treatments.

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is a newer FDA-approved alternative to Botox for glabellar wrinkles. Xeomin was approved for reduction of dynamic wrinkles in Europe in 2005 and in US in 2010. Xeomin and Botox work the same way to paralyze muscles and smooth wrinkles. They share the identical active ingredient- botulinum toxin A. One of the advantages of Xeomin is that it is considered a more purified version of the active component. Recent head to head comparison studies show no statistical difference in the onset of action and the duration of action between Xeomin and Botox.
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XEOMIN 1unit – 50units : $11/unit
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